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Easter Memories

As one ages, you tend to remember images from the past that not only trigger pleasant memories but sometimes smells and sounds. For example, I remember how the easter grass used in the baskets when I was a child had a distinct sweet smell. I can still recall that smell today. (For reference, for me we could say this was a few decades ago, give or!)

The following photos were meant to bring back some of those memories. *Some of these photos are old while some may just be newer versions of the previous incarnations.

I added this photo simply for the egg carton. Remember dip dying the eggs, the smell of vinegar everywhere then drying them in the cardboard carton. Soon, after the egg hunt was over and most everyone had their fill, it was time for 'deviled' eggs.

Vintage postcards, while a bit before my time, show such a promise for Easter. The artwork alone is worth a look.

The artistry of Easter candy and the fun of finding that bunny-hidden basket are some of my favorite memories. Along with the candy basics, I also remember marshmallow peeps that were handmade, similar to the Peeps™ of today and handmade chocolate-covered coconut eggs that were so big they came in their own box and you sliced your way through them.

Easter bonnets. Remember when, as a child, you were all dressed up for Easter Sunday, in your little prim coat, your white Mary Janes, and that wonderful bonnet? Often decorated with flowers and ribbons. Sometimes you even had the little white purse to complete the emsemble.

Dinner on Easter Sunday always had a special feel to it. From the honeyed ham to the carrot cake, the special china was brought out and the feast was begun.

Who can forget the Easter flowers? From lilies to daffodils, hyacinths to tulips. A feast for the eyes and heaven to the nose, mostly potted but soon planted.

What Easter memories do you hold dear? Feel free to share.

Happy Easter!

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