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Fall Holidays

As fall descends upon us it brings with so much inspiration for painting and decorating.

Looking at the many holidays celebrated through the season it is easy to see why.

Here is a look at some of those upcoming holidays...

The autumn equinox starts on September 23 this year. This signifies the beginning of fall for most. Learn more here... Autumn Equinox

The start of autumn also gives us the start of Octoberfest. running from September 23 through October 3. This fun festival originated in Germany, is still celebrated there, and is often enjoyed elsewhere. Learn more at... Octoberfest

While many of our holidays fall after the beginning some occasionally occur just before, for instance, the Harvest Festival held in the United Kingdom occurs around September 11. Learn more here... Harvest Festival UK

October 10th brings us the Canadian Thanksgiving celebration which celebrates both the blessings of the past year and the harvest. Learn more here... Canadian Thanksgiving

October 31 gives us the much-loved holiday of Halloween. Celebrated in many countries and quite often at different times with different names it non the less gives us an exciting color palette to choose from. Learn more here... Halloween

November 2 brings us Mexico's Dia de Los Muertos, also known as Day of the Dead, a celebration honoring the dead. Like many holidays, it is often celebrated in many places.

Learn more here... Dia de Los Muertos

Often what many think of as the precursor to Christmas, Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrating the harvest here in the United States and also in many other countries, occasionally under different names. A wonderful time to give thanks for our many blessings. Learn more here... Thanksgiving

While this list is far from complete and only mentions a few of the many holidays available worldwide I hope it piques your interest and sparks your imagination. Be sure to do an internet search for more holidays.

Happy Fall!

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