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Falling in love with the season...

Plump pumpkins, ruby red apples, glorious golden corn fields... is it any wonder we love to paint the autumn season? The brilliant intensity of a fall harvest beckons us to pick up our brushes and apply the splendor we see to whatever surface we have handy.

Silly scarecrows, glowing sunflowers, towering corn stalks...the subjects of fall are never ending. Patterns abound in the industry with autumn themes, you can find anything from whimsical to realistic and everything in between, in a wide range of media. Be it watercolor or acrylic, oils or mixed just have to look. Designers love to work with the season as much as we love to paint it.

The spectrum of color available to us is amazing. From saffron yellows to apple reds, warm browns to intense oranges we have access to a world of hues. Paint companies make it easy for us to find these colors, with a wide range of paints available in so many different mediums.

I hope this little essay gets your creative juices flowing. Paint that ear of corn, give color to that basket of apples. Let the scarecrow out of the cornfield and on to a piece of wood. Let those pumpkins roll out onto your canvas.

While you are at it, don't forget those beautiful fall leaves, they turn a wonderful summer painting into a colorful kaleidoscope of autumn. Where else can you find such an array of color just waiting to be discovered and remembered?

I invite you to take the time and enjoy the fall season. Sit back, grab a pumpkin latte and contemplate your surroundings. Look for the beauty autumn brings and then do what you do best...paint it!

All photos credit - Pixabay.

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