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Father's Day

It's almost time for that Dad inspired day, Father's Day this year is on Sunday, June 21, 2020. For those who celebrate with a hand-painted gift, there are many subject choices for that special man. We all know Dads come in many shapes and sizes, with varied interests and tastes. From the man cave version...all tools, cars, even Nascar to the sports enthusiast with a love of football, baseball, basketball, golf, and more. From that nerdy dad who is into computers, gaming, and movies to the more sensitive ones who love books and nature walks and fishing. There are the ones who love beer and the ones who love wine, the ones who love to eat, to BBQ, and the ones who make fitness a religion. We love them all regardless and perhaps because of the very things that make them who they are.

Perhaps this makes choosing what to paint a bit easier. Be sure to do a search and check out designer's websites to find those father themed patterns. It is amazing how many ideas are out there. Look at current and past issues of the blog and Painting World Magazine for some nice Father's Day themed gifts including Debbie Huska's Barn Owl Skillet, in this issue of the blog.

A few suggestions...For those with man caves, signs can be a quick and easy gift that will work with the decor.

Paint a football or basketball on a canvas for the sports dad, or for something really unique, paint the actual ball.

For the Nascar fan, paint him his own car on a toy model.

Patterns are everywhere for those old trucks, adapt one for your dad.

Wildlife, including deer, bear and other wildlife are great subjects for the father who hunts. Fish are always popular for the fisherman, painted on a bait box.

Sometimes you need to think 'outside' the box, the possibilities can be endless.

Happy Father's Day!

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