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Feeling Batty?!



6 Layer Bat #207-1175


DecoArt® Media Fluid Acrylics:

DMFA12 Dioxazine Purple

DMFA26 Phthalo Turquoise

DecoArt® Americana Acrylics:

DA166 Deep Midnight Blue

DA101 Dioxazine Purple

DA236 Grape Juice

DA085 Midnight Blue

(Note - If any colors are discontinued either use a comparable color or check out the

Americana Retired Colors and Mixing Chart .)

Mediums by DecoArt®:

Media Matte Medium

Americana Matte Spray Sealer/Finisher Medium


Royal Langnickel®:

Old brush for applying matte medium.

Artist Sponge R2005

Small tip brush of your choice.


Paper Towels

Disposable nail file or sandpaper stick.

Tim Holtz® idea-ology Collage Paper - Halloween/Vielle De La Tousscient

Gorilla® Glue Clear Grip Contact Adhesive – Walmart®.com

Stampendous® Jewel Glitter - Black- Ultra Fine


I’ve numbered each piece so you can see what order it goes together in.

On piece #1 you will attach a piece of the collage paper (Cut larger than the surface.) to the surface, using the matte medium. Carefully smooth out the paper and stretch towards the outer edges, pushing out wrinkles as you go. Once this dries, trim the edges using a nail file or sandpaper stick, sanding away from you. Once trimmed coat the top with a thin layer of the matte medium. Allow to dry.

Once dried, apply layers of the media acrylics with the PhthaloTurquoise on the top bending into the Dioxazine Purple on the bottom. ( I used water with the paint to get a good flow.)

Basecoat the layers by sponging the paint on, rather than using a brush.

The colors are as follows...

#2 Midnight Blue

#3 Dioxazine Purple

#4 Deep Midnight Blue

#5 Grape Juice

#6 Midnight Blue

The layers gradually decrease in size, allowing the colors to show through to the front layer.

Add black glitter to the top layer using some of the matte medium and a fine-tip brush

Carefully glue layers together. Once dry, spray with matte spray to seal.

I added a piece of washi tape behind the eyes on the back of the piece. You could omit this if you plan on hanging in front of a light source.

Design & Photos ©2023 Diane Marie Kellogg - Oil Creek Originals

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