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Fireworks in the Mail.

A pictorial essay.

A collection of stamp art and postcard art that showcases fireworks. Art can be found in s many places, these examples show a wide variety of styles. Some were used on different stamps in different countries. All images are in the public domain and were found at Wikimedia Commons. Be sure to check out their pages, there are so many more images similar to these to see.

Stamp of Israel - Independence Day circa 1966.

Postcard of Hamburg published on or before 1906.

Stamps of Tajikistan circa 2004.

Gruss vom Feuerwerk, Ansichtskarte, gelaufen circa before 1910.

United Nations Stamp circa 1967.

A postcard from the Ken Levin Toledo Postcard Collection, circa 1906.

Stamp of Afghanistan circa 1967.

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