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From the Moon and Back!

From the Moon and Back

By Elisabetta De Maria

Dearest painting friends, I thought up a three-dimensional project for you: a cat and its

pumpkin for a magical Halloween!Hope you like it!!!Happy Painting my dear friends!


The surface measures 31 x 26 cm. (12.2" x 10.24")


Decoart® Americana Acrylics:

DA172 Black Plum

DA318 Blue Haven

DA329 Bright Salmon

DA016 Burnt Orange

DA064 Burnt Umber

DA376 Crisp Blue

DA219 Heritage Brick

DA163 Honey Brown

DA067 Lamp Black

DA114 Light Cinnamon

DA194 Marigold

DA095 Neutral Grey

DA201 Primary Yellow

DA093 Raw Sienna

DA04 Sand

DA155 Soft Black

DA01 Snow (Titanium) White

DA369 Vintage Pink

DA08 Yellow Ochre

DHS2 Neon- Torrid Orange


Dynasty® Black Gold Brushes : 4, 8, 10, 1/2 Shaders (206S)

5/0 Liner (206L)

1/4, 3/8, 1/2 Angular (206A)

Round Brush for Drybrush Mezzaluna X-Large

1/2 Mop (Dynasty series 400)


Decoart® Media Gesso White

Stylus - For dots and transferring pattern.

Tracing paper and graphite paper - For transferring design.

Paper Palette

Light Satin Varnish Decoart®


Basecoat :

This is just painting the basic background color onto your surface.

Shading and Hightlighting (Floated Color):

  • Load the brush with a small amount of paint in the corner of an angular brush.

  • Stroke the brush back and forth on the palette paper until most of the paint is out of the brush.

  • It is important that the color be worked in the brush until it is completely transparent.

  • Apply as if walking out a float of color.

  • Repeat if necessary and use the MOP brush to blend the color.


Use round brushes that are dome-shaped - rounded on the tip and have shorter hairs.

To begin, dip the brush into the paint and then wipe the brush on a dry paper towel, rotating the brush until only a residue of paint remains.

Using light pressure, begin “scrubbing” the paint out of the brush onto your surface, slowly, in a small circular motion.

Work the paint outward. Allowing it to diminish so that there is a gradation of color.


Use the brush you are most comfortable with to apply a coat of sealer and let it dry.

Sanding with fine sandpaper, then wipe away dust with a soft cloth.

SHADING AND HIGHLIGHTING : ( Refer to color photo for placement)



Burnt Orange. Shade with Heritage Brick. Deepen with Black Plum.

Drybrush with Primary Yellow. Highlight with Torrid Orange.


Raw Sienna. Shade with Burnt Umber. Highlight with Honey Brown



Lamp Black. Highlight with Neutral Gray


Blue Haven and Lamp Black. Shade with Crisp Blue


Bright Salmon. Highlight with Vintage Pink


Titanium White


Light Cinnamon. Shade with Burnt Umber and highlight with Honey Brown.

Drybrush with Yellow Ocher and highlight again first with Marigold and then with Sand.

Reinforce the shading with Soft Black.

Hat Band:

Honey Brown. Shade with Burnt Umber and drybrush with Sand.

Reinforce the shading with Soft Black.


Yellow Ocher. Shade with Honey Brown and highlight with Sand.


Honey Brown. Shade first with Burnt Umber and then with Light Cinnamon.

Highlight with Marigold.


Blue Haven and Crisp Blue


Primary Yellow.Shade with Torrid Orange. Paint the line that hangs the moon from the hat with Lamp Black. Paint the phrase "I love you to the Moon and Back" with Lamp Black.


Varnish as desired

Download Line Drawing Here.

Download Original WORD File Here.

I hope you Enjoy painting this as much as I did!

Happy Painting!


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