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Frosty or Arrgh...a Two-Faced Gourd Project.

by Diane Marie Kellogg

An Oil Creek Originals Design

Painting on gourds can be a fun and rewarding project. The fun is in the different shapes and what you paint on them while the rewards can be cute, decorative pieces for your home. Occasionally a gourd can be multi-purpose, as this one is. With the charming Frosty on one side and the slightly mischievous Aargh, the pirate on the other...Halloween and the winter holidays are covered.



A Dipper Gourd - Cleaned. (Available in many varieties, including long-handle, short-handle, and Apache.) The gourd must be cleaned for painting. Most gourds ordered online are cleaned. Check with the place you purchased the gourds if you are unsure.

Gourd Cleaning - A tutorial.

Our project gourd is approximately 12" tall or long and the round part is about four inches across. Please note * This pattern easily adapts to different sizes and shapes of gourds.

Possible Sources for gourds - Check at yard sales and local farms and festivals. You can also order online...




DecoArt® Americana:

DA257 Bleached Sand

DA016 Burnt Orange

DA064 Burnt Umber

DA017 Georgia Clay

DA229 Jack O'Lantern Orange

DA067 Lamp Black

DA174 Milk Chocolate

DA001 Snow (Titanium) White


Royal Langnickel®:

Aqualon: Glaze/Wash, Series R2700, 8/" (For base coating larger areas.)

Angular Shader, Series R2160, 1/2" (For shading and high lighting.)

Round. Series R2250 - 4 or 8 (For base coating smaller areas.)

Liner, Series 4200M – 30/0 Mini Majestic Brush (For line work.)

Soft Grip: White Blending Mop, series SG1400, 1/2" (If desired, for blending.)

Miscellaneous Supplies:

Transfer Paper & Stylus

Rotring® Tikky Graphic 0.1 Pigmented Ink

DecoArt® Americana Matte Spray

E6000® Glue or Gorilla® Contact Adhesive Clear Grip

3/8" Jump Ring - Brass look.

Eye Pin - Brass look.

Drill and tiny drill bit. (I drill after I paint, some prefer to do so before. This is where the earring for the pirate goes. It is located approximately one inch from the pirate's smile, refer to photo.)


Basecoat the entire gourd with Bleached Sand, using multiple coats for complete coverage.


Mark off the stripes about 1/2" apart starting at the base near the top of the head. Adjust as needed for your gourd. Paint alternating stripes with Tuscan Red, using multiple coats for good coverage. Shade the red with Burnt Umber. I shaded very lightly but you can go darker for more contrast if you prefer. Use the Rotring pen to add stitch lines on each bottom section of the red stripes, the whole way around. On the snowman side, add white dots and a few snowflakes with Snow White. On the pirate side, add random slash/stitch lines. (See photo.)

Faces: Note - The shading around the facial features are done with Burnt Umber. As mentioned above, I used Burnt Umber. I shaded very lightly but you can go darker for more contrast if you prefer.


His eyes are done with Lamp Black. The color of the eyes is Milk Chocolate shaded with Burnt Umber. The highlights are done with Snow White. The line work is done with Lamp Black, using the Mini Majestic liner brush. You can also use the Rotring pen if you desire.

His nose is based with Burnt Orange, shaded with Georgia Clay and the highlight is Jack O'Lantern Orange. Float or sponge his cheeks with Tuscan Red, lightly. The line work for the nose and the mouth is done either with the liner brush and Lamp Black or the Rotring pen. Add snow to the top of his nose using Snow White.


His facial features - the eyes, nose, and mouth are all done with Lamp Black. Add eye highlights with Snow White. His teeth are shaded with Burnt Umber. His cheeks are done the same as Frosty's.


The lettering is done with the Rotring pen.


Spray with matte spray. Allow drying. Attach the jump ring to the eye pin and glue it into the drilled hole.

Your two-faced friend is now ready for the holidays!

Download the Line Drawing Here.

Download Original Word File Here.

Design and photos ©2022 Diane Marie Kellogg – Oil Creek Originals

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