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Fun 4th!

by Marie-Lou Denis


Your natural nails or white press-on nails. You can get those at Sally Beauty®.


Decoart® Americana acrylic paint:

DA240 Cool White

DA129 True Red


Princeton® Select Short Liner 18/0

Princeton® Select Flat shader #6

Loew Cornell® Angular brush ¼

Miscellaneous Supplies:

Paper palette

Makeup sponge

Striping tape and stripe vinyls (wider than striping tape)

White polish (Sally Hansen® “White On”)

Holo Taco® “Blue Freezie”

Base & Top coat



Start off by washing your hands thoroughly. Then either apply your press-on nails or your base coat nail polish. Let it dry fully and apply 2 coats of white polish on all your nails except the middle finger. Apply 2 coats of Holo Taco® Blue Freezie on the middle finger. Apply a quick dry top coat because we are going to use nail vinyls in the next step.



Using the nail vinyls and the striping tape, block off some lines like shown in the pictures. Make sure the nail polish is completely dry before applying them. Press them hard so the paint does not bleed under


Apply True Red with the flat shader on the sponge.

Sponge on 2 coats of True Red. Do one nail at a time.

Peel off the vinyls and the striping tape as soon as you’re done sponging. Don’t let the paint dry before removing them. If some bleeding occurs under the stickers you can use a toothpick to scratch it off (since we applied a quick dry top coat before, the nail polish is sealed in a hard shell).

Apply a quick dry topcoat on all the striped nails. Remove the excess paint on your skin by washing your hands carefully.

Drips & flag:

Using the short liner 18/0 and Holo Taco® Blue Freezie in drips on the horizontal striped nails. Begin by painting on dots and then connect them to the top of the nail. Then fill in the area close to the cuticle to create a drip shape.

Paint a rectangle on the top right corner of the ring finger with the short liner 18/0 and Holo Taco® Blue Freezie.

Using the short liner 18/0 and Cool White paint on stars on the drips and the flag. Make a triangle facing up but do not connect the bottom. Then make a horizontal line in the middle and fill in the rest to create a star shape. Repeat until all the blue areas are covered in stars.


Apply a quick dry Top Coat to seal in your design. If you accidentally got some nail polish on your skin, use your Loew Cornell Angular brush ¼ dipped in acetone (or nail polish remover) and clean up your cuticles.

I hope you enjoyed painting this 4th of July nail art! You can share it with me on my Instagram : , Facebook: or Twitter:

©2021 Nailing Painting

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