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Fun Day At the Beach!

An Acrylic Design By Annamarie Oke



White graphite paper

Tracing paper

I used the Polka dot Stencil by DECOART but you may use what you wish to use.


I used a 6 inch round Paper Mache box purchased from the dollar store. You may use any surface you choose.



½ inch Faux Sable Flat

½ inch Stencil Pro by Dynasty

#0 Black Gold script liner

½ inch Encaustic By Dynasty

DECOART AMERICANA DÉCOR soft-touch varnish ….(optional) Americana Duraclear Galaxy Varnish


Antique Maroon DA160

Coral Blush DA292

Deep Midnight Blue DA166

Extreme Sheen Antique Bronze DPM08

Lamp Black DA067

Margarita DA299

Milk Chocolate DA174

Red Alert DA301

Snow white DA01

Soft Black DA155

Tropical Blue DA375


I started with the lid first. Using my natural bristle hair encaustic oval I first added Deep Midnight Blue and Tropical Blue. I started from the top portion of the lid and worked in a horizontal manner. I made sure I kept the ripples and streaks. This makes really nice clouds and then ripples for the water.

I added the white to my brush and continued streaking across the lid until I got about ¾ inches down.

Using the dirty brush I added white and streaked from top to bottom of the water. I added a little thicker white for the waves.

I cleaned my brush and loaded it with Milk Chocolate and a touch of Soft black. I added the sand area. With a dirty brush, I added the antique Bronze. Do not forget the inlet of the beach that the little green umbrella is on!

Wipe the brush in between the towel and add soft black in a cluster that you see in the photo.

Let Dry!

Trace the umbrellas as shown on the photo and basecoat with White.

TIP: I like to basecoat my umbrellas with white first because the bright colors that I use make the umbrellas come to life….making the colors pop!

Let’s basecoat the umbrellas with the ½ inch flat and with Red Alert, Margarita, and Coral blush!

I shaded the underneath of the umbrellas with Midnite Green for the Margarita color, Antique Maroon for the Coral Blush, and Lamp Black on the red.

Use a dry stencil pro brush and any stencil you have for the umbrella detail, I used the polka dot one by DECOART. Load the brush with White pushing down, and making sure that the brush is fully loaded.

Wipe off excess in between a paper towel. I apply light pressure first moving in a circular motion. Go in both directions…to the right and then to the left. For the green umbrella, I added a touch of Midnite Green to the stencil brush and wiped off the excess! Now apply another shade for the umbrellas.

TIP: I place a couple of sticky notes outside the umbrellas before I stencil so you don’t go over the top and edges of the umbrellas.

I loaded my script liner with White and outline the edges of the Umbrellas. Making sure that I watered down my White to make it thinner.

I loaded my Script liner with Black and then swiped through the white. I added the poles as seen in the photos.

With my ½ inch encaustic brush, I added 'sand' to cover the pole ends. This is thick and textured looking! I used the Decoart extreme sheen in Antique Bronze .. and Espresso.. with a touch of Soft Black!


While my lid is drying I base coated the box and then around the sides of the lid with Lamp Black.

I varnished my piece with the soft-touch varnish and let it dry.

With my ½ inch Encaustic bristle brush, I added the dura Clear Galaxy Varnish. I did not add a lot of this product but it looked awesome when it dried! So glittery!

I love these boxes for candles, seashells, and beach glass that I have collected!

Any questions please contact me @!

Next time you are on a beach and see those beautiful umbrellas.…think of me!



About Annamarie: I am an artist who lives on the island of Newfoundland way up Northeast of Canada….I have been designing and painting for thirty years and for the last 20 years I have been travel teaching in Canada and the United States…living the Dream! I have missed my travel teaching this past year and have missed the sunshine and beaches of Virginia, The Carolinas, and Florida.

I took many photos of the umbrellas on the beach and had fun painting them!

I am a Dynasty Brand Specialist, DECOART Helping Artist, PEBEO Product Specialist, and just recently Product and Stencil Ambassador with Viking Woodcrafts/ Painting World Magazine. So exciting to be working with great people and to see my work published in The beautiful Painting World Magazine!

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