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Giddy Up!... All the way to the Beach!

Seahorse with Beach Scene

By Linda Lineman of Lineman’s Porcelain Memories

I saw this wood cut-out when we were at HOOT and knew I needed ( not just wanted it, needed) to have it for my bathroom that I was planning to redesign. I don’t live anywhere near a beach, but I love them ….so…. I figured, just for fun, I’d bring one to me. It goes along with the underwater mural scene on porcelain tiles that I am painting for above my sink.

Project Supplies

Usual painting supplies, stylus, paper towels, etc.

Royal Transfer Paper Grey Graphite RD201


18” x 8 ¾” Seahorse Plaque from https://www.cdwood.com/ SKU-31-L525


DecoArt Americana


Baby Blue

Bleached Sand

Blue Haven

Deep Burgundy

Desert Sand

Grey Sky

Grey Storm

Hauser Dark Green

Hauser Light Green

Lamp Black

Ocean Blue

Slate Grey

Soft Black

Summer Squash

True Red

Tuscan Red

Ultra Blue Deep

White Wash

Yellow Ochre


ADM05 Americana Decor Light Satin Varnish


Royal & Langnickel

#4 R&L Round Espresso TM 6700R

#8 Royal Soft Grip SG150

1/2” RL Angular Majestic R4160

#1 Liner Mini Majestic 4200L

30/0, Monogram Mini Majestic series 4200M

¼” Royal Soft Grip SG730 “filbert”? Used for grass

Painting Instructions

This is an easy pattern for beginners & fun for any skill level. Ok, ready? Set? Let’s GO to the beach!

Draw the horizon line on and paint the sky first with Blue Haven. Now transfer the pattern using transfer paper. Shade with Ocean Blue and highlight the sky with Baby Blue. Using Summer Squash, paint in the sun. I placed it where the seahorse eye would go. I didn’t like the eye (sun) on its own, so that’s why I decided to place the bird flying in front of it. One bird alone isn’t enough so now there are two. Paint them with White Wash and shade with Baby Blue. Use Soft Black for the eyes and feet.

Paint the sea by basing with Ocean Blue, shade with Ultra Blue Deep, and highlight the waves with Baby Blue. Add the boat in the water using White Wash, shaded with Grey Sky for the body and sail. Use Tuscan Red, Soft Black, and Grey Storm for the trim.

The lighthouse is fun! It really adds life to the picture. Follow the pattern picture. Use Tuscan Red shaded with Deep Burgundy and White Wash shaded with Grey Sky for the stripes. The top is done with Lamp Black and Yellow Ochre. The doorway is Soft Black. The fence is painted with Grey Sky, shaded with Grey Storm, and highlighted with Slate Grey.

Base the grass with Avocado. Paint a path to the door and little 'hills' using Hauser Dark Green, add the blades of grass with Hauser Light Green

Now it’s time to paint the sand on the beach using Bleached Sand, shading with Desert Sand and highlighting with White Wash.

Paint the umbrella using True Red shaded with Deep Burgundy and White Wash shaded with Grey Sky for the umbrella stripes. The handle is Slate Grey, shaded with Grey Storm, the highlight is Grey Sky.

The pail and the shovel are based with True Red and shade with the Tuscan Red.

The chair and the starfish are based with White Wash and shaded with Slate Grey.

Next, move on to the fence and beach sign. Base with Grey Sky, shadow with Grey Storm. Highlight where needed with Slate Grey. Letter with White Wash. Finish up with grassy areas by the fence and around the beginning of the path, using the Hauser Light Green and Avocado.

When I look at this seahorse painting in my bathroom, I smile and remember my times at the beach. I hope this will do the same for you. Memories are precious.

Photos, Pattern ©2020 Linda Lineman




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