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Ginger Heart

by Elisabetta De Maria


The heart measures 22 x 22 cm.


Ball Stylus

Lint Free Cloth

Paper Towel

Wet Palette

Water Containers

Tracing Paper

Graphite Paper to Transfer the Design

Paper Palette


Decoart® Americana Acrylics:

Black Green

Black Plum

Blue Chiffon

Burgundy Wine

Burnt Sienna

Burnt Umber

Country Red

Fiery Red

Hauser Dark Green

Hauser Light Green

Hauser Medium Green

Honey Brown

Lamp Black

Light Buttermilk

Olive Green

Spicy Mustard

Titanium White

Williamsburg Blue

Winter Blue


Gesso Decoart

Satin Varnish Decoart

Dazzling Metallics Decoart Splendid Gold

Stamp - Christmas Time

Stencil - Star


Liner Brush Black Gold n 5/0 Dynasty (206L)

Round Brush #2 Dynasty Brush (206R)

Flat Brush Black Gold 4, 8, 10 Dynasty Brush (206S)

Angular Brush for Floating Black Gold 1/4", 3/8" , 1/2" Dynasty Brush (206A)

Mop Brush to Blend and Soften Color 1/2"Dynasty Brush 400

Round Brush for Drybrush Loew-Cornell

Stencil Brush 3/8" Dynasty


Basecoat: Opaque application of background color on surface or component.

Shading and Highlighting: Load a small amount of paint in the corner of an angle brush, and stroke the brush back and forth on the palette paper until most of the paint is out of the brush. It is important that the color be worked in the brush until it is completely transparent. Apply as if walking out a float of color. Repeat if necessary and use the mop brush to blend the color.

Drybrush: I use brushes that are dome-shaped, rounded, and have shorter hairs. Dip the brush into the paint and then wipe the brush on a dry paper towel, rotating the brush until only a residue of paint remains. Move to the surface, use a light pressure and begin “scrubbing” the paint out of the brush, slowly, in a small circular motion. Work the paint outward, allowing it to diminish so that there is a gradation of color.


Place the pattern on the surface and transfer the main lines with graphite paper.

Use the brushes you are most comfortable with and apply a coat of primer and let it dry.

SHADING AND HIGHLIGHTING: ( Refer to color photo for placement)


Basecoat: Winter Blue.

Paint the stencil with Blue Chiffon.

Shade around the heart and ginger with Williamsburg Blue.

Highlight with a drybrush and Blue Chiffon.

Create the words and Christmas balls with the stamps and the black color and paint the inside with Dazzling Metallics Splendid Gold.


Basecoat: Honey Brown

Shade with Burnt Sienna and fortify with Burnt Umber.

Highlight by dry brushing with Spicy Mustard.

Paint the eyes, lashes, brows, and mouth with Lamp Black.

Paint the light point with Titanium White with the liner and stylus.

Paint the nose with Burgundy Wine.

Shade with Burnt Umber and paint the comma with Titanium White and the liner brush.

Paint the cheeks by dry brushing with Burgundy Wine.

Make the heart-shaped light point with Titanium White.

Paint the icing with Light Buttermilk.

Paint the heart-shaped mouth with Burgundy Wine and outline with Dazzling Metallics Splendid Gold.


Basecoat: Country Red

Shade with Black Plum and highlight with Fiery Red.


Basecoat: Hauser Medium Green

Highlight with Hauser Light Green and shade with Hauser Dark Green.

Highlight further with Olive Green and shade again with Black Green.

Paint the curls with liner and Hauser Dark Green.


Paint the snow with the stylus and Titanium White.

Go to the end of the Gloss Varnish to protect the work.

Decorate with bows to taste.

Varnish as desired.

I hope you enjoy painting this as much as I did!

Happy Painting




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