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  • Diane M Kellogg

'Gourd-geous' Ornament Trio

By Diane Marie Kellogg

Painted on mini gourds, this charming trio just can't wait to adorn your tree.



 3 - dried & cleaned Tennessee Spinner gourds, Midmowoodworks on Etsy. Measurements: Approximate Diameter- 1" inches to 1 1/2" inches, Height- 1 1/2" inches to 2" inches

(For a limited time Oil Creek Originals will have some of the mini gourds available for sale.

3 for $5.00 plus shipping. Email address below for info.)

Project Supplies

 Transfer Paper

 Fine Point Stylus

 Cotton Swab




DecoArt Americana Acrylics

Black Plum 172

Bleached Sand 319

Burlap 319

Burnt Umber 64

Camel 191

Cocoa 259

Deep Blush 137

Georgia Clay 17

Gold Matte Metallic DMMT02

Grey Sky 111

Hauser Dark Green 133

Hauser Light Green 131

Hauser Medium Green 132

Lamp Black 67

Leaf Green 51

Mustard Seed 264

Raw Sienna 93

Tuscan Red 265

Warm Beige 78

Warm White 239

Watermelon Slice 324


 DecoArt Americana Matte Spray



 Angular Shader, Series R216ß, 1/2" (For shading and high lighting)

 Round, Series R2250 5,7 or 8 (For base coating)

 Liner, Mini Majestic 30/0 (For line work)

 Soft Grip: White Blending Mop, series SG1400, 1/2" (If desired, for blending)


Clean and dry your gourds, if they aren't pre-cleaned. I drew the design on with pencil, you can do the same or transfer the design using transfer paper and fine stylus. Gourds will vary in size and shape, don't be afraid to adjust the pattern as needed to fit.

Painting Instructions

The Santa

His face is based with Warm Beige. Shade with Deep Blush. His eyes are Lamp Black. His lip is Deep Blush. His cheeks are lightly shaded with Tuscan Red.

His beard, eyebrows, mustache, and hair are based with Bleached Sand. Shade with Burlap.

His jacket and hat are based with Tuscan Red. Shade with Black Plum. The high light is Watermelon Slice. Linework on the sleeve is done with the mini liner and Lamp Black.

The trim on the coat, hat, and pom-pom is done with Warm White. Using a smaller, older brush with stiff bristles gives the edges a 'furry' look. Shade with Grey Sky.

His belt is Lamp Black. The buckle is first based with Mustard Seed than given a coat of the Gold Metallic.

His mittens are based with Hauser Medium Green, shaded with Hauser Dark Green. The high light is Hauser Light Green.

The Snowman

Base the snowman face and body with Warm White. Shade with Grey Sky. His buttons, eyes, and mouth are Lamp Black. Make tiny Warm White highlight dots on his eyes, cheeks, and buttons. His nose is Georgia Clay. Cheeks are dabbed on very lightly with a cotton swab.

His vest is based with Hauser Medium Green, shaded with Hauser Dark Green. The high light is Hauser Light Green. The stripes are Tuscan Red.

His scarf and pom-pom are based with Tuscan Red. Shade with Black Plum. High light with Watermelon Slice. Fringe is Hauser Light Green.

His hat is based with Hauser Light Green. Shade with Hauser Medium Green. Add Warm White 'snow' on the hat brim.

His arms are based with Raw Sienna. Shade with Burnt Umber. Add Warm White 'snow' on arms.

The Gingerbread

He is based with Cocoa. Shade with Burnt Umber. High light with Camel. Hair on top of head is Burnt Umber.

The trims on his hands, head, and bottom are done with Warm White.

His nose is Burnt Umber. High lights on the nose are Warm White.

Eyes and mouth are Lamp Black. Dots are Warm White.

The trims on his hands, head, and bottom are done with Warm White.

His scarf is done with Tuscan Red and Warm White. Shade with Tuscan Red. High light with Warm White.

His buttons are Leaf Green and Warm White. Shade with Leaf Green. Highlight with Warm White.


Spray with matte spray.

Accents & Details

I decided to attach the gourds to a small clothespin to attach to a tree. You could also get a super fine drill and drill the tops, then add fine wire as a hanger. They are also cute just sitting among the branches or in a display.

Diane’s tip:

Try enlarging the pattern and using on a larger gourd or adapt it to fit other similar surfaces.

Pattern and photos ©2019 Diane Marie Kellogg-Oil Creek Originals