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Gourds...Fun Painting Surfaces!

Gourds, who would have thought a plant, perhaps the earliest plant cultivated by man, could be such a fun surface to paint?

A gourd is a member of the Cucurbitaceae family of plants. They can claim pumpkins and squash, cucumbers and melons as cousins! What a fun, extended family. They come from the Lagenaria and Cucurbita members of the Cucurbitaceae family of plants. Once dried, they form a hard shell that is great for use in the crafting and painting world.

Not only can they be painted, but they can also be carved and even wood burnt. they can become decorative and even useful after an artist applies their craft. Bowls, lamps, shades, many uses. They have been made into jewelry, musical instruments, masks, dolls and more.

Numerous organizations exist that celebrate the gourd. Be sure to do an online search for these wonderful groups. There are also several social media groups dedicated to the subject. The charts below were found and are courtesy of The Gourd Reserve.

Gourd Charts Click through to see all of their charts.

In the world of decorative painting, there are so many designers who offer such wonderful patterns where the gourd is the surface. I've got a few below to show you, along with links to their websites. Just click the link below the photo. Be sure to search online for even more! They are out there.

Photo Credits -, Eliana Elpi, Lynne Andrews, Diane M Kellogg, The Gourd Reserve (Charts)

Sources - Earthbound Gourds,


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