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H A L L O W E E N...

Haunted - The feeling we get when we can't find that illusive bottle of was just there?!

Apparition - The ghost of a great designing idea that keeps infringing on the edge of your brain but never quite makes itself known.

Lantern - Sometimes it seems like we need more light...

Lurking - Yes, that apparition is still there...

October - 31 days to paint!

Wicked - How we feel after spending hours working on that special spooky project and getting it just right!

Eerie - Sometimes the feeling you get with glow-in-the-dark paint.

Enchanted- The way people feel when they view your work.

Night - Take a break and go trick or treating!

Playing with words can be quite a bit of fun. Feel free to post below with your version of Halloween. Pick your words and give your definitions. While your at it, this is a chance to share your Halloween art too! Attach a photo of your magic in the comments.

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