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Hallowe'en... Poetry from the Past.

by John Kendrick Bangs, circa 1919.

Bring forth the raisins and the nuts— To-night All Hallows’ Spectre struts Along the moonlit way. No time is this for tear or sob, Or other woes our joys to rob, But time for Pippin and for Bob, And Jack-o’-lantern gay. Come forth, ye lass and trousered kid, From prisoned mischief raise the lid, And lift it good and high. Leave grave old Wisdom in the lurch, Set folly on a lofty perch, Nor fear the awesome rod of birch When dawn illumes the sky. ‘Tis night for revel, set apart To reillume the darkened heart, And rout the hosts of Dole. ‘Tis night when Goblin, Elf, and Fay, Come dancing in their best array To prank and royster on the way, And ease the troubled soul. The ghosts of all things, past parade, Emerging from the mist and shade That hid them from our gaze, And full of song and ringing mirth, In one glad moment of rebirth, Again they walk the ways of earth, As in the ancient days. The beacon light shines on the hill, The will-o’-wisps the forests fill With flashes filched from noon; And witches on their broomsticks spry Speed here and yonder in the sky, And life their strident voices high Unto the Hunter’s moon. The air resounds with tuneful notes From myriads of straining throats, All hailing Folly Queen; So join the swelling choral throng, Forget your sorrow and your wrong, In one glad hour of joyous song To honor Hallowe’en.

Photo Credit - Darkmoon Art from Pixabay.

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