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Halloween inspiration can be found in some interesting places...

Painting Halloween is a fun and usually very colorful activity. Sometimes you find inspiration in some interesting places. One of perhaps my favorite locations is Halloween cartoons. There are so many available and the art of the animated image can sometimes be very intricate, at other times very simple. I am going to provide a few links below that will take you to some magical places on the web. Please note that all copyright protections belong to the owners of these particular art pieces.

One of my all-time favorite animations is the Silly Symphonies® - the Skeleton Dance by Disney®. A classic cartoon in black and white, a perfect example of how different colors of grey are used to highlight and shade. The Disney® Company in fact produced many Halloween-themed cartoons, from Night on Bald Mountain in Fantasia to the many Mickey ones, the art itself is worthy of inspiration. Warner Brothers® also produced many seasonal animations that like Disney®, had their own characters and a wide array of colorful artwork.

Who doesn't remember the Casper® cartoons? The link below goes to a website that offers viewing of some of the above-mentioned cartoons. Thank you

Vintage Halloween art such as postcards and old posters do their bit to add to the magic and fuel the creative mind. These are onne of my favorite things to look at, especially the Halloween themed ones. A search on Pinterest brought up this unique user with many of the vintage Halloween post card art that inspires.

Quite often a visit to a fall festival can bring about many ideas for painting...from piles of pumpkins to scary Halloween displays, even the scent in the air, of crisp ripe apples and simmering apple cider are an inspiration on their own. A quiet walk along a leaf-strewn path, watching the leaves change and drop can be not only inspiring but calming.

Another fun and easy way to find inspiration is to go to your favorite decorative painting designers and see what they offer for the holidays. With the wide range of designers available you are sure to find something you like and want to paint.

Happy Halloween!

All photos on this page copyrighted by their respective owners and found at Unsplash.Com.

*This is another place to find ideas!

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