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Halloween Ornament Trio

from Eliana Castellazzi at Elpicountry.


Three small gourds available from Elpicountry




DA228 Bright Orange

DA010 Cadmium Yellow

DA067 Lamp Black

DA01 Snow White


DA156 Antique Rose

DA016 Burnt Orange

DA399 Celery Shot

DA 219 Heritage Brick

DA067 Lamp Black

DA164 Light Buttermilk

DA194 Marigold

DA293 Persimmon

DA272 Purple Cow

DA302 Purple Pizzaz

DA01 Snow White

DA275 Sour Apple

DA078 Warm Beige


DA016 Burnt Orange

DA399 Celery Shot

DA050 Forest Green

DA067 Lamp Black

DA034 Lavender

DA272 Purple Cow

DA012 Tangerine

DA01 Snow White


Paper machè

Old book pages

Vinyl glue

Hot glue

Orange wool

Purple checkered ribbon

Rusty bat


Paper palette

Graphite paper


DecoArt® Glamor Dust



Black Gold 1/2",3/4

Flat Black Gold #10,8,6,4

Dynasty large soft oval

Round Black Gold #2

Liner Black Gold #10/0

Half moon dry brush


Sand the gourd and remove the dust.

• Paint the whole bat Black.

• Paint the upper part of the cat Black and the lower part Burnt Orange.

• Paint the witch with Celery Shoot.


To make the ears and nose you can use papermachè in powder by mixing 100 gr of powder with 80 gr of water, the previous day. Put the paste in an airtight container it will last you months.

Then take 4 small pieces of the paste for the ears and make balls. Squeeze them all, only two make the tip. Let dry for one day.

Paint the bat's ears with Tangerine and shade on top with Marigold. The back is Black.

Paint the cat's ears with Warm Beige and shade at the bottom with Antique Rose. The back and the front edge are Black.

For the witch's nose, take a piece of paste and form a cone that you will then fold.

Let it dry for a day.

Paint the nose with Celery Shoot and shade with Forest Green.


Take two of the old book pages and glue them together. This will give your work more texture. When dry, draw the bat wings, then paint them Black and make the shades and veins White.

Now take four pages of the book and glue them two by two. Draw the hat when it is not yet dry and make the cone by gluing the sides and folding the tip. You will glue the cone to the hat's brim when dry using hot glue.

Once the hat is formed, paint it Black. The band is Purple Cow shaded at the bottom with Purple Pizzaz, do the dots with Celery Shoot. Then apply a coat of Glamor Dust to the Lavender.



• Paint the web with a liner and White.

• Paint the cobweb with White, the black eyes with a dot of White.

• Paint the eyes with Cadmium Yellow.

• Shade with Bright Orange.

• Make the pupil Black with a White light dot.

• Contour the eyes and make the eyebrows using White.

• Paint the mouth and teeth using White


• Paint the muzzle with warm beige and shade with Antique Rose.

• Paint the nose with antique rose and the highlights with White.

• Make a mustache with White and a liner.

• Paint the eyes White, the inside with Marigold.

• Paint the pupil Black and highlight with White.

• Paint the striped hat Purple Cow and shade with Purple Pizzaz and Celery Shoot. Shade with Sour Apple.

• Make the pumpkin wedges and blend between one and the other with Heritage Brick.

• Highlight the center of the wedges with a dry brush, first with Persimmon, then with Marigold and Light Buttermilk, reducing the area to be colored with each color change.


• Paint the eyes with Burnt Orange.

• Shade at the bottom with Tangerine and at the top with Burnt Orange and a touch of Black.

• Make the pupil with Celery Shoot and a Black dot.

• Outline the eyes with Black.

• Paint the teeth White.

• Shade with Black, stay light and outline the teeth with Black

• The central part of the mouth is Black, blend the corners with Black.

• Dry brush cheeks with purple cow

• Blend around the eyes, and mouth and make wrinkles with Forest Green.


Glue the ears and nose with vinyl glue.

Glue the wings to the bat, the hair to the witch, and her hat with hot glue.

Put the ribbon around the cat's neck and glue the rust bat onto the hat.

Your Halloween ornaments are ready to embellish your home.

Enjoy yourselves! Eliana


Design ©2022 Eliana Castellazzi.

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