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Halloween Tags

by Eliana Castellazzi


Tags available in any store or self-made. (video tutorial on Facebook my profile Eliana Elpi Country)


DecoArt© Americana Acrylics

DA235 Citron Green

DA147 Antique Green

DA067 Lamp Black

DA03 Buttermilk

DA238 Canyon Orange

DA201 Primary Yellow

DA174 Milk Chocolate

DA064 Burnt Umber

DA09 Antique Gold

DA272 Purple Cow

DA150 Royal Purple

DA219 Heritage Brick

DA016 Burnt Orange

Glamour Dust Ultra Fine Glitter Paint

Ice Crystal DGD09-30

Lavender DGD17


Graphite paper

Paper palette


Elpicountry Halloween stencils # 05, # 03, # 01, # 02, # 04 PLEASE NOTE: Line drawing is provided to use in place of stencils if necessary.)

Instant coffee

Makeup sponge




Mezzaluna X-Large

Black gold 1/2 206FW

Jo Sonja©

Liner Brush 10/0 #1360

Half Moon Dry Brush


Age the tags with a mixture of coffee grounds and hot water.

Put it in a spray bottle and spray the tags, several times waiting for them to dry between one coat and the next. (You can also use the hairdryer to speed up the process.)

Shade around the tags with Burnt Umber


With the Elpicountry Halloween # 01 stencil go and write on the tag with Purple Cow.

With a liner, outline the letters using royal purple, then apply a coat of Glamor Dust Lavender over the writing.

With the Elpicountry Halloween # 05 stencil go and make the candy corn sweets first with the one with their shape and Primary Yellow. When dry, take the second stencil and make the lower stripe with Canyon Orange and the upper one with Buttermilk.

Shade on the left of the sweets with Burnt Umber and then with using Buttermilk and a dry brush make the light point in the center.

WITCH tag:

With the Elpicountry Halloween # 01 stencil go broom with a hat.

First base the hat with Lamp Black, then the broom handle with Milk Chocolate, now the broom with Antique Gold.

Highlight the brim of the hat with Buttermilk and a dry brush.

Draw the band and paint them with Purple Cow, shade left and right with Royal Purple. Give the band a coat of Glamor Dust Lavender.

Shade the broom handle to the left, under the hat, and above the broom with Burnt Umber. Highlight using a dry brush with Antique Gold.

Shade the broom with Burnt Umber to form the bristles. Highlight with a liner and Buttermilk.

The band is made like that of the hat.

With the Elpicountry Halloween #02 stencil make the word witch with Purple Cow, shade on the left with Royal Purple. When dry, apply Glamor Dust Lavander over the entire writing.

FROG tag:

With the Elpicountry Halloween #03 stencil make the hat with Purple Cow and the bat with Lamp Black.

Shade on the left with Royal Purple and on the right highlight with Buttermilk.

With the stencil make the eyes with Buttermilk, shade with Citron Green, make the pupil with Lamp Black, and the light point with Buttermilk.

Paint the mouth with Citron Green.

With the stencil paint the paws, shade on the hat where they come out with Royal Purple, shade the paws with Antique Green, make dots with Citron Green.

Paint the puddle with a mix of Antique Green and Burnt Umber, make the blades of grass with Citron Green.

The spider is done with the Elpicountry Halloween # 02 and Lamp Black, paint the eyes with Buttermilk.

The bat is highlighted on the wings with Buttermilk.

CAT tag:

With stencil # 04 and black paint the cat. Highlight the belly, the muzzle down, the legs, and the tail with Buttermilk.

Make eyes, nose, and mustache with buttermilk

With the same stencil make the cat's hat with Purple Cow.

Shade near the nose and brim with Royal Purple.

Make the stripes with Citron Green and shade them on the left with Antique Green.

Paint the ground with Burnt Umber under the cat.

The candy corn sweet is done as in the TRICK OR TREAT tag.

Paint the bats, the cobweb with Lamp Black.

The spider is made with the Elpicountry Halloween #02 stencil.


With the Elpicountry Halloween # 04 stencil, paint the pumpkin with Burnt Orange.

Draw the central section and paint the division of the section with Heritage Brick.

A dry brush highlight sections first with Canyon Orange then with Primary Yellow and then add a touch with Buttermilk.

Eyes and mouth are painted with Lamp Black, give the light point with Buttermilk.

The stalk is painted using the stencil and Antique Green. Line up with Citron Green and shade the stalk next to the pumpkin with a mix of Antique Green and Lamp Black.

The pumpkin wings are done with the same stencil # 04 and Lamp Black.

Make the light point with Buttermilk and give on both wings with Glamor Dust Ice Crystal.

The treats are made with the Elpicountry Halloween # 05 stencil as in the first tag.



I had a lot of fun making these tags, have fun too!

You can make tags with the line drawing in this pattern in place of the stencils.

You can buy my Halloween stencil and other stencils in my store on Etsy... ELPICOUNTRY

Share your tags made with my stencils or drawings on the Elpicountry page on FB and on the Elpicountry Friends group.

You can also follow me on my YouTube channel Elpicountry Eliana

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