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By Elisabetta De Maria

Surface :

Penguin silhouette available from

Project Supplies :

· Ball Stylus

· Fine Sandpaper

· Lint Free Cloth

· Paper Towel

· Wet Palette

· Water Containers

· Tracing Paper

· Graphite paper to transfer the design

· Paper Palette

Paints Decoart Americana Acrylics

· Burnt Orange

· Cadmium Yellow

· Canyon Orange

· Lamp Black

· Lemonade

· Light Buttermilk

· Ocean Blue

· Olive Green

· Plantation Pine

· Red Iron Oxide

· Sand

· Tangerine

· Titanium Whit

Mediums :

· Gesso Decoart

· Light Satin Varnish Decoart

Brushes :

· Liner Brush Black Gold n 5/0

· Pointed Flat 6/0 Micron Dynasty Brush

· Detailer 5/0 Micron Dynasty Brush

· Flat Brush Black Gold 4, 10 Dynasty Brush 206s

· Angular Brush for Floating Black Gold 3/8, 1/2 Dynasty Brush

· Mop Brush to Blend and Soften Color 3/8 Dynasty Brush 400

Painting Techniques

Basecoat: Opaque application of background color on surface or component.

Shading and Highlighting: Load a small amount of paint in the corner of an Angle Brush, stroke the brush back and forth on the palette paper until most of the paint is out of the brush. It is important that the color be worked in the brush until it is completely transparent. Apply as if walking out a float of color. Repeat if necessary and use the Mop brush to blend the color.

Drybrush: I use brushes that are dome-shaped, rounded, and have shorter hairs. Dip the brush into the paint and then wipe the brush on a dry paper towel, rotating the brush until only a residue of paint remains. Move to the surface, use light pressure and begin “scrubbing” the paint out of the brush, slowly, in a small circular motion. Work the paint outward, allowing it to diminish so that there is a gradation of color.


Use the brushes you are most comfortable with applying a coat of primer and let it dry.

Sanding with fine sandpaper, then wipe away dust with a soft cloth.

Place the pattern on the surface and transfer the main lines with graphite paper.

Body: Lamp Black

Highlight with Titanium White and lastly paint the short lines with the same color.

Face and Belly: Light Buttermilk

Shade with Sand and highlight with Titanium White.

Eyes: Lamp Black and Ocean Blue.

Outline the eye with the liner and Lamp Black.

With the stylus make the light point with Titanium White.

Paint lashes and eyebrows with the liner and Lamp Black.

Beak: Tangerine

Highlight first with Cadmium Yellow and then with Sand.

Shade with Canyon Orange.

Cheeks: Drybrush with Red Iron Oxide.

Collar: Olive Green

Paint the border with Plantation Pine and Tangerine.

Highlight the light green part with Lemonade.

Highlight the orange part with Cadmium Yellow.

Shade everything with Plantation Pine.

With the stylus make the dots with Canyon Orange and Cadmium Yellow.

Dress: Paint the first coat with Tangerine and then go over it with Olive Green without completely covering the background color.

Shade with Plantation Pine and paint the line stitching with Burnt Orange.

Pockets: Paint the stripes at the top with Olive Green and Tangerine.

Highlight the orange stripes with Cadmium Yellow and shade first with Cayon Orange and then with Burnt Orange.

Paint, in the green stripes, the short lines with Light Buttermilk.

Paint the rest of the pocket with the first pass with Tangerine and then pass over with Olive Green without totally covering the background color.

With the stylus, paint the dots with Canyon Orange and Cadmium Yellow.

Paws: Tangerine

Highlight with Cadmium Yellow and shade with Canyon Orange.

Paint the line stitching with the liner and Burnt Orange.

Heart: Tangerine

Paint the edge with alternating stripes with Tangerine and Olive Green and lines with Burnt Orange.

With the stylus make the dots with Burnt Orange and Olive Green.


Varnish as desired

I hope you Enjoy Painting this as much as I did!



All photos and design ©2020 Elisabetta De Maria

Happy Painting! Elisabetta

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