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Happy Jack, the Candlestick!

by Vera Collier 2019

Add your own Halloween embellishments to make this happy fellow your own.



6 3/4” candlestick SKU-01-P486 and 2 1/2” wood ball SKU-01-B586 from Cupboard Distributing

Designer note: you may substitute a paper mache ball for the wood ball, just make sure the size is proportionate to the size of the candlestick

Project Supplies (available at most craft stores)

Tim Holtz Ideaology Halloween Tokens

Halloween colored tinsel

Black, orange, white butchers twine

Small felt witch hat


Decoart Americana

Burnt Sienna

Canyon Orange

Golden Straw

Lamp Black

Olive Green

Pansy Lavender

Plantation Pine

Royal Purple

Warm White

Glamour Dust paint in Tiger Orange and Black Ice


10/0 liner

1/2” wash

#4 flat

#2 and 4 rounds for basecoating

1/2” angular shader or your favorite shading brush

Crescent brush or your favorite brush for dry brushing

Your usual acrylic brushes. (Unless specified, use the best brush for the area you are painting)


Decoart Americana DuraClear Matte Varnish

Decoart Americana Matte Spray Sealer

Tacky Glue



Sand, seal and sand the candlestick and wood ball.

Painting instructions:

Basecoat the wood ball with several coats of Canyon Orange. Once dry, lightly draw pencil lines on the ball to separate it into six segments. With a 1/2” angular shader, float Burnt Sienna on both sides of each line. Allow to dry, the lightly dry brush Golden Straw to the center of each segment to highlight.

Trace the face features on the ball and paint them with Lamp Black. Add tiny sets of creature eyeballs in the eye and mouth openings with the large end of a stylus and Warm White. Allow these to dry, then add tiny dots of Lamp Black to the centers of the white dots.

The candlestick segments are based as follows (you can refer to the diagram below.)

Top - Lamp Black

Section 2 - Canyon Orange

Section 3 - Lamp Black

Section 4 - Olive Green

Section 5 - Warm White

Section 6 - Pansy Lavender

Section 7 - Canyon Orange

Section 8 (base) - Lamp Black

Shade between each section as follows:

Canyon Orange is shaded with Burnt Sienna

Olive Green is shaded with Plantation Pine

Pansy Lavender is shaded with Royal Purple

You may add whatever details you like to each section, or follow the picture for ideas. I added little black dots with a stylus to the small orange section at the top and on the Warm White section towards the bottom.

Using the end of a brush I did evenly spaced black dots on the Pansy Lavender section. Allow to dry, then add an Olive Green dot with a stylus to the center of black dot. On the Orange section towards the bottom, I painted wide, black stripes with a #4 flat and using a 10/0 liner paint Warm White lines on the black base.

Trace or freehand a cobweb to the Olive Green center section and paint it with thinned Lamp Black, using a 10/0 liner.

Allow paint to thoroughly dry. Glue wood ball to top of candlestick. Varnish entire piece with several coats of Duraclear Matte varnish.

If you desire, paint the black sections with the Black Ice glitter paint and the orange sections with Tiger Orange glitter paint. you can go right over the black parts, the glitter paint will dry clear.

Once varnish and glitter paint dries, embellish as you desire. I glued several colors of glittery tinsel around his neck and then added a metal token with butcher twine.

Add a ribbon around the hat brim and glue the hat to the pumpkin head.

Craft stores are full of fun Halloween embellishments this time of year. Check out the seasonal aisle, jewelry and scrapbooking sections for spooky embellishments to add to your Happy Jack!

From Vera... I started taking painting classes in 1988 and never dreamed that I would eventually start designing. My design journey began when I submitted a Christmas ornament to Decorative Woodcrafts as part of their ornament contest. My little church design ended up winning 2nd place in the religious category and was published in their annual ornament issue. That project gave me the confidence to start my designing journey.

©2019 Vera Collier

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