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How to submit a design...

I am, as always, looking for designers for projects for the blog. They are in demand and hard to find. I thought a tutorial may help you take that step and submit your designs for publication here on the blog.

The first step is deciding what medium you prefer. Here at the blog we like to see all kinds of media in use.

From colored pencil to acrylic paint, from watercolor to mixed media. You create it and we will consider it!

Oils are welcome too!

Brushes are important and every artist has their favorites!

Once you chose your medium, you may want to sketch out your design first. Some do, some don't. It's a choice.

On to the fun part, create your art! BUT take notes as you go, it makes it easier to remember exactly what you did.

Subjects are varied, from foxes to flowers, they run the gambit. Holidays, everyday, anything you can paint can become a design for others.

Once you have finished it is time for the next step...

Take a photo of your project and send it to me for approval. I anxiously await these wonderful projects.

Once approved will give you a publication date and an 'I need it by...' date, then the pattern design comes into play.

Make a line drawing or tracing of your design. The stronger and darker the lines are, the better for printing. I like a PDF file for the line drawing but I can work with other programs.

Onto the computer, time to type up your pattern. WORD works well and is preferred. You will need to add things like paints and brushes, etc. You can look at any of the current projects for guidance and I can also send you more information.

Now we need to photograph the project. It can be a fancy camera or a cell phone camera, as long as the quality is good. (I always use my cell phone even though I have an expensive camera sitting in the closet.) Take lots of photos from different angles and try a few with your project in a setting. Step by step photos are good too if you do them but not required.

Now finally, you submit all your work to me. I am still waiting at that computer, it's my life! =0)

Send me your art!

Once your work is published, you will get one of check form. You retain all rights to your project, we just ask you not to publish elsewhere for 30 days.

What do you have to lose? I'm waiting...c'mon, it's your time to shine!


All Photos Found on Pixabay.Com.

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