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On a dark and spooky eve, have you ever felt eyes watching but saw no one, leaves rustling but there is no wind, voices whispering in the trees -

I’d turn back, if I were you!!



DecoArt Americana Acrylics

Burnt Orange DA016 Neutral Grey DA095 Cool White DA240 Slate Grey DA068 Dove Grey DA069 Soft Black DA155 Grey Sky DA111 Yellow Light DA144 Lamp Black DA067 Zinc DA155 Midnight Green DA084

Glazing Medium DS18


10/0 Liner #865 by Marx 18/0 Script Liner #924 Chris’s Epic (CDWood) ½” Angular Shader #7400 by Lowe Cornell ½” Flat Shader #7300 by Lowe Cornell ¾” Wash #7550 by Lowe Cornell

#2 and #4 Lynne Andrews 3020 Floaters


Vertical grooved board 12 x 14 available from CDWood


Painting Terms

To basecoat is to apply paint as smoothly as possible for complete coverage of the area. This may require two coats.

Shading, floating, side loading or highlighting all pertain to the same method of loading a flat or angular shader with paint and applying it to your project. Wet the brush and blot on paper toweling. Dip a corner of the brush in paint and on the palette paper blend the paint into the brush using the brush flat against the surface and stroking back and forth in the same area. This moves the paint from the tip of the brush back into the bristles allowing for hint of color to be applied.

Slip slap refers to applying paint to the surface using a ¾” wash brush loaded with thinned acrylic in a slip slap motion. This allows some of the background to show through.

A wash is using a wet brush with a small amount of paint. This is a semi-transparent layer of color and some of the basecoat shows through.

Dry brushing is using a dry brush dipped in a small amount of paint, brushed over a paper towel to remove any blobs then brushed over the area on the project.


Base board with a mix of Midnight Green and Neutral Grey ( ½ and ½). Slip slap Slate Grey mixed with Glazing Medium to create the moon and moon glow area. Trace the circle for the moon. Slip slap Yellow Light mixed with Glazing Medium in the center area of the circle. When dry, apply a wash of Cool White over the entire moon. If not white enough, apply a second wash.

Base the tree in Soft Black and the holes in Lamp Black (using 2 coats if necessary). You can do as many or as few branches as you like. Make sure it looks spooky. When dry, wash the entire tree with Black and then dry brush with Grey Sky here and there for highlights.

Base the raven and bats in Lamp Black. Highlight the front wing including the head of the raven and the left side of the bat bodies with Neutral Grey. Raven’s legs, feet and eye are Lamp Black. Put a tiny Cool White highlight in eye.

The fence is based in Zinc with Lamp Black for the holes and cracks in the wood. This is a very worn and beat up old fence. Make sure you give it some character. When it looks old and decrepit enough, highlight by dry brushing with a mix of Dove Grey and Zinc (2/3 to 1/3).

The spider web is Dove Grey line work accented here and there with Cool White.

Base the pumpkin in Burnt Orange, the stem in Soft Black. Shade around entire outside edge and stem with a mix of Burnt Orange and Soft Black. Eyes, nose and mouth are Lamp Black.

The tombstone is Neutral Grey. Shade entire outside edge with Lamp Black and dry brush with Grey Sky for highlights. Lettering is Lamp Black.

The lettering is Lamp Black with a Cool White line for a highlight on the right side of each letter.

Shade around the fence, the base of the tree and the tombstone with Lamp Black.

To finish, spray with Krylon 1311 Matte Varnish. I usually use two or three coats. If you are planning on hanging this outdoors, spray 3 or more times.

All photo credits & design - ©2019 Viki Sherman


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