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Inspirations of Spring

by Diane Marie Kellogg

It seems spring is the season of inspiration. Perhaps because it follows winter, which while beautiful is also maybe the dreariest of seasons. I look toward spring with a renewed hope...more sunshine, more color, more growth.

From the daffodils, crocus, and tulips, from the first robin of spring to the later arrival of the hummingbird, spring speaks in a riot of color and movement. From the cuddly little chipmunks who chatter back and forth to the fluffy little bunnies, out for a snack. Who can resist the bold flash of yellow from the Forsythia bushes, as they battle the dandelions to be the first harbinger of spring? Neither of which could happen without the ever-present but getting closer, life-giving sun. While it shines throughout the year, the sunshine in the spring is somehow sweeter.

I'm inspired to do so much more. I want to wield those paintbrushes and fling paint. To do what so many do in the spring...create! Right now my mind is teeming with some new ideas, some will come to pass, some will never make it to the drawing board. The point is, the desire is there.

A freshness of sorts, meant to stimulate a mind boggled over with the simple, everyday things we deal with.

So be fresh, be creative. Let your joy flow. Use that warm sunshine and those pretty buds and all that is spring to bring life to that which dwells in your imagination.


All photo credit - Various Artists - Pixabay

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