• Diane M Kellogg

Irish Blessings

A Quick & Easy Sign Project from Oil Creek Originals.

This simple sign is so easy to do. The shamrocks are done in a free and easy style, almost like a coloring book. The rough surface of the barnboard gives it an almost retro feel.


Woodpile Fun natural barn wood bundle # 1183508 28” x 3 ¼” board, Hobby Lobby.


White Charcoal or Chalk Pencil – General Pencil Company, Inc.

Stylus, larger end.

Floral Garden Reindeer Moss – Dollar Tree.

Craft Sponge.

Toothbrush. ( For fly specking.)

DecoArt Matte Spray

Sawtooth hanger or Command Strip to hang.


DecoArt Americana

Hauser Medium Green 132

Hauser Light Green 131

Warm White 239


Royal Langnickel

#8 Round ( For base coating.)

½” Zen Angular Shader Z73A ( For shading & high lighting.)

#4 Mini Majestic Angular Shader 4200A ( For lettering.)

#30/0 Mini Majestic Liner 4200M ( For lettering & linework.)


These boards are fairly clean, just blow off any dust or excess wood particles.


Trace the backside of the lettering and the shamrocks with white chalk or charcoal pencil.

Flip over and position on board and use the stylus to rub design onto the surface.

Base the shamrocks with Hauser Medium Green, then high light with Hauser Light Green. Use the liner to loosely outline the shamrocks with Warm White. The tendrils are Hauser Medium Green and Warm White. Use the toothbrush to flyspeck the shamrocks.

Sponge edges with Hauser Light Green. Seal with DecoArt Matte Spray. Dry. Add sawtooth hangers or command strips to display. I laid a few pieces of the reindeer moss on the top edge. These can be glued on if desired.

Original Word File

Line Drawing

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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