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It's Picnic Time!

By Linda Lineman of Lineman’s Porcelain Memories

I’ve had this large picnic basket for quite a while, I finally decided to get it out and paint it. You can move the chickens around to fit your basket or you can put it on a different surface.

Project Supplies

Usual painting supplies, stylus, paper towels.

Royal Transfer White Graphite RD201


Deco Art Americana Paints

DA284 Spicy Mustard DA143 True Ochre DA325 Sunny Day

DA02 White Wash DA190 Winter Blue DA259 Cocoa

DA174 Milk Chocolate DA063 Burnt Sienna DA064 Burnt Umber

DA067 Lamp Black DA229 Jack-0-Lantern Orange DA016 Burnt Orange

DA078 Warm Beige DA111 Grey Sky DA319 Burlap

DA199 Primary Red DA165 Napa Red DA200 Primary Blue

DA03 Buttermilk DA304 Zinc DA088 Charcoal Grey

DA265 Tuscan Red DA257 Bleached Sand DA058 Antique White

DA112 Cranberry Wine DA324 Watermelon Slice DA131 Hauser Med.Green

DA133 Hauser Dark Green DA299 Margarita


DAS13 Matte Americana Sealer/Finisher – OR -DAS12 Gloss Americana Sealer/Finisher

Brushes by Royal & Langnickel

#10 Royal Majestic 4150

#8 Royal Soft Grip SG150

3/8 R&L Angular Majestic R4160

#1 Liner Mini Majestic 4200L

30/0, Monogram Mini Majestic series 4200M

Deer Foot Stippler

Painting Instructions:

I chose to paint directly to the original stained surface of the picnic basket lid. Transfer the pattern using white transfer paper. I started by basing all the feet with Sunny Day. Shade with True Ochre & Jack-O-Lantern Orange. Paint lines with Burnt Orange. Use a thin watery wash of Spicy Mustard over the feet. Paint all the eyes with Lamp Black. Put a highlight dot of White Wash in each eye.

Base all the white areas with White Wash. Base the red comb and head on the rooster with White Wash. This makes the red appear brighter when you paint it on the stained wood surface.

Little Chick by the Hen:

Cover white chest with Winter Blue. Use the tiny line brush and stroke thin watery lines of White Wash over the blue. Next, use a thin watery wash of Lamp Black over the back end and under the neck to create shadows.

Standing Chick:

Base with White Wash as photo shows. Paint Winter Blue on the chest and under the mouth. Use Sunny Day around the beak. Use Burnt Sienna for the open mouth and Burnt Umber for the line in the back of the mouth. The tongue is Burnt Orange with a touch of Sunny Day on the tip for the highlight. Paint Burnt Umber on the back bottom feathers and underneath the back of the neck. The head is True Ochre shaded with Raw Sienna. Add “feathers” on the head and chest with White Wash, use Burlap on the wings.


Look at the picture to see where to put the following colors: Warm Beige, Grey Sky, Primary Blue, Primary Red, and Burlap. Paint thin tiny lines using Burnt Sienna over the top of head, use Cocoa and Buttermilk over the neck. Use a deer foot stippler and pounce the wing with Buttermilk, when dry pounce with Grey Storm and then the Lamp Black. Go over the feet with Burnt Umber and add White Wash to the tip of the toes.


Follow the pictures to place the following colors...

Feet: Base with Sunny Day, line and shadow with Burnt Sienna, wash over it with Jack-O-Lantern Orange. When dry do another wash with Burnt Orange.

Beak: Sunny Day, line with Burnt Orange, thin wash with Jack-O-Lantern Orange and highlight the upper edge with Sunny Day.

Head & Crown: Base with White Wash if you haven't already done so. Now paint with Primary Red and shade with Napa Red. The head is Spicy Mustard, Buttermilk, Burnt Sienna, Charcoal Grey, Zinc, and Black. Next use Buttermilk to paint 'U' shape feathers and lines on the tail feathers, also use Black lines on the tail feathers. Use Grey Sky lines on the back feathers. Now do a Black wash over the bottom. Burlap over the head and light area of the tail, then shadow with Burnt Sienna in areas. Do a wash of Spicy Mustard over what you just painted. Next do a wash of Burnt Sienna over the Burnt Sienna area. Line the white tail feathers with Grey Sky.

Finish the lid by creating a ground area under the animals using a wash of Burnt Umber.

Pie Shelf

Some picnic baskets have a pie shelf in them. I decided to paint a cherry pie on mine. The pie pan is painted with Zinc and shadowed with Charcoal Grey. The cherries are based with the Bleached Sand and then painted with Tuscan Red and shaded with Cranberry Wine, the highlight is done with Watermelon Slice. Paint the space between the cherries with Cranberry Wine.

Crust: Base with Antique White, shade with Cocoa, and highlight with Buttermilk.

Leaves: Base with Hauser Medium Green and shade with Hauser Dark Green, highlight using Margarita.

Depending on the finished look you would like best, there are two choices. I finished mine with a light spray of DAS12 Gloss Americana Sealer/Finisher to give it a shiny finish or you can use DAS13 Matte Americana Sealer/Finisher for a duller finish.

Now go find some picnic baskets and have FUN painting them!!

ROOSTER Line Drawing

HEN Line Drawing

2 CHICKS Line Drawing

CHERRY PIE Line Drawing

Original WORD File

Pattern and Photos ©2020 Linda LIneman - Lineman's Porcelain Memories

Contact Linda at

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