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It was a HOOT...

Just some of the show books and other things from HOOT over the years.

July brings with it the final HOOT convention. The Heart of Ohio Tole convention will end this year with it's 39th show. While this makes many sad to see the end of a wonderful assemblage of decorative painting, we can reflect on the fantastic memories we have made there.

I have been fortunate to attend the convention over a 16 year span. Both as an attendee showcasing her patterns in a friend's booth, to manning my own booth for years. This year I can only make a day trip, hoping to make some purchases and see some friends, say a few good byes. Although I never got the chance to take a class, I envied those that did. The beautiful works of art you would pass on the way to or from the exhibit hall as classes let out, just gorgeous. So much talent! Going to look at the class samples was better than going to a museum. The teachers of the classes, so many and so loved. Attendees were always talking of what they learned, what they painted and how much fun they had doing it. The variety of media and style insured that you could take a class learning what you wanted, whether it was watercolor or oils, acrylics or colored pencil, there was always much to choose from.

The art show was always impressing with the amazing array of entries. It was always fun to view the raffle entries and check out those beautiful quilts. There always seemed to be much to see and do, in between classes and the exhibit floor. From looking through the convention gift shop to sitting and listening to the free demos.

The friendships made there, all the more precious with time. The camaraderie with so many like minded souls, so much fun to be had with so many who understood our passion. Many friendships have exceeded the boundaries of the show. The volunteers were amazing, always willing to help out, to do their jobs with a smile. Many friends were made there too.

I went searching through my vast collection of 'stuff' to find some paraphernalia from past conventions. In the move it seems it's not all in one place. Some here, some still back home. As I looked and found some, a sadness filled me, that this is the last. I'm sad I couldn't have a booth there this year. The aforementioned day trip shall have to do.

While writing this I noticed I spoke in the past tense but be assured, IT ISN'T OVER YET! The 39th and final HOOT Convention, Thanks for the Memories, runs from Monday, July 15 to Friday the 19th, 2019. Be sure to enjoy it! Say hello if you see me!

Click here for a link to the Heart of Ohio Tole's website with 2019 convention information.

Oh, while we are in convention mode... don't forget these upcoming shows... New England Traditions - Oct.8 -13, 2019

OKC Painting Palooza - Oct.19 -26, 2019

World of Color - Nov. 4 – 9, 2019

Las Vegas Creative Painting - Feb. 16-21, 2020

My booth at HOOT in 2017.

Photo Credits - ©2019 Diane M Kellogg

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