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Hardcover notebook


Decoart® Americana :

Light Buttermilk DA164

Berry Cobbler DA370

Plantation Pine DA113

Honey Brown DA163

Citron Green DA235

Graphite DA161

Soft Black DA155

Coral DA346

Dark Chocolate DAO65

Neutral Grey DAO95

Grape Juice DA236

Neon Fiery Red DHS4

MEDIA MISTER Primary Magenta DMM02




Dynasty® :

Blue Ice SC32 FLAT 1”

Black Gold Round 206R: # 12- 6- 2

Black Gold Shader 206S: # 4- 0

Black Gold Angle 206A: 1/2 “, 1/4 “

Black Gold Fan Dango 206 FD # 2

Black Gold Liner 206L 10/0 “

Mop 400: 1/2", 3/4 "


Ball Stylus

Tracing paper

Black graphite paper

Paper palette

Decoart Americana Matte spray DAS-13

Decoart Multi-Purpose sealer DS-17

Vintage book stamp (Editor's note - Search book stamps online, if you can't find a stamp you like, you could always freehand the book with a liner brush.)


To make this project I used the wash technique for the bases. I used the round brush # 12 for the sky, # 6 for the smaller areas. Once my wash is finished, even before it dries, I tap the entire area with the mop brush. I used the largest size for the sky, on the smallest areas I used the smallest size. The shadows and lights are all performed with the floating technique unless otherwise specified. To perform the floating I use the angular brushes and I adapt the size to the area I am going to treat. My floating is always followed by the mop brush. In this case, however, with the mop brush, I start by dabbing lightly along the outer part of the floating and then moving slowly towards the heart of the shading or highlighting.


Apply two coats of multi-purpose sealer with the Blue Ice flat brush 1 ”. Dry well between one coat and the other. Follow with three coats of Light Buttermilk, taking care to dry well between coats. Perform the same steps along with the cover that runs towards the inside of the first page. Transfer the guidelines with the help of a stylus and black graphite paper, leaving out plants and flowers. Outline all the details with the liner brush and Neutral Green. Make lines in pieces and never perfectly straight.


I opened the bottle of Media Mister Primary Magenta and Media Shimmer Mister Turquoise and with the help of the inner straw, I drew some color and placed it on the palette paper. With the round Brush # 12, I drew some color and washed the sky starting from the left side, close to the landscape, and gradually I moved towards the center. First with the Turquoise and after when this dry, I did the same with the Magenta. As can be seen from the photo, I placed the colors in spots, I didn't want to get a perfectly homogeneous mix. I let it dry and I performed the same technique on the opposite side of the sky (right) but first with the Coral and then with the Media Shimmer Mister Yellow. Dry well.

With the Blue Ice flat brush 1”, I moistened the entire area of ​​the sky with water only, then with the shader brush # 4, I tapped the Light Buttermilk to get the clouds. Repeat the operation at least a couple of times. Dry well between one coat and the other. With the round brush # 2 and the same color, I drew the moon. The shadows at the base of the clouds are a floating performed with the angle brush ¼ “ and the Media Mister Primary Magenta. Intensify with a thinner and more decisive floating than the first with the same brush and the same color.


The roofs are a wash with the Neutral Gray and with the round brush # 6. The floor is a Wash with the round brush # 12 and Neutral Gray stretched with a lot of water.

The threshold of the house in the foreground on the left is a wash with the round brush # 6 and Dark Chocolate. The inlet along the upper part of the flue and the two inlets of the doors are with the round brush # 2 and Soft Black. On the roofs, all the shadows made to delineate the boundary between one roof and the other are with the floating technique, the angle brush ½ " and Graphite.

Reinforce all shadows with the same brush and Soft Black. The shadows on the door and window coves, to the left of the landscape, are a floating with the same brush and Dark Chocolate. In the same way is the shadow on the floor, on the bottom of the landscape to delineate the two lower steps. The front door of the “Trullo”( typical name of these houses located in southern Italy, in a small village called Alberobello) is a wash with round brush # 6 and Dark Chocolate. The floating on the door is with the ¼ ” angle brush and Dark Chocolate. On the floor, the wash on the left is with the round brush # 6 and the Media Mister Primary Magenta, on the right with the same brush and the Media Shimmer Mister Turquoise. I loaded the wash along the ends close to the landscape walls and lightened gradually towards the center of the floor. On the floor, at this point, I did a splatter paint. I placed a little Soft Black on the palette paper and mixed it with a tip of water, with the help of the Fan Dango brush # 2. With the brush loaded with color, I tapped the handle of another brush held in the opposite hand. I tapped two, three times, and based on the result obtained, I moved slightly to cover the entire area of ​​the floor. This technique is a bit unpredictable, the color can rest on areas that were not intended for this technique. Also cover the border areas with post-its, so as to be safer, that they are not hit.

The shadows on the walls close to the roofs are with the ½ ”angle brush and Graphite. The shadows on the floor behind the houses are, on the right with the same brush and Graphite, on the left and along the step at the bottom with Dark Chocolate. The seedlings on the windowsill are with the round brush # 2 and the following flecked and alternating colors: Plantation Pine and Citron Green for the leaves, Berry Cobbler and Neon Fiery Red for the flowers.


The plants are a wash with the round brush # 2 and Plantation Pine. The vase is with the same brush and Dark Chocolate. The highlights on the cactus are floating with the ¼ ”angle brush and Citron Green, the shadows are with the same brush and Soft Black. The details are with the liner brush and a brush mix of Plantation Pine and Soft Black. The fruits are with the round brush # 2 and Berry Cobbler stretched with water. The light on the fruits is floated with the ¼ ”angle brush and Neon Fiery Red. Shadows with the same brush and Grape Juice. The details on the fruits are with the brush liner and Soft Black.

If necessary, outline some details with the liner brush and Soft Black. The writing is done with the same color and the same brush. With a sponge, I dabbed the stamp with Soft Black and placed it at the base of the floor.

Fix the color with Decoart Americana Matte spray DAS-13.



Happy Painting!

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