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January - Five things to do that are painting related.

After a busy holiday season from the year before, January seems to be a slow time.

The winter season is in full swing, time seems to have slowed to a crawl. It's generally dreary with that wintry weather, less sunlight and darker. It would seem we have to inspire ourselves to get up, get busy, enjoy the day!

Here is a list of suggested activities to get you through the first month of the year.

1. Reorganize your paint space. Whether you use a corner of a room or have a studio dedicated to your passion, it seems it is always in need of a revamp. Changing things keeps things new and also helps with the discovery of something you forgot you had. You also tend to find that missing item you needed a month ago.

2. Shop the after Christmas and January sales, look at things with a different perspective.

Look for things you can paint, perhaps changing the very nature of what they were intended for. Yes, that cake plate looks good with cake or pastries but imagine it loaded with something else. Add an awesome paint job and the sky is the limit!

3. It's time to refinish that piece of furniture. It's been sitting in the corner of the garage just waiting for you to give it a new life. With all the fun and useful home decor paint products on the market, you have no excuse anymore. Then, if you wish, add the decorative painting to it that will bring it to another level.

4. UFO's. Unfinished Objects. Yes, I have mentioned them in the past and do so again now. Perhaps it's that I have so many. Time to finish them. Pick up that brush!

5. Start a journal. (You can work along with us in our Art Journal Challenge.) Put pen and pencil to paper, add some paint, what could be more fun. Explore the world of art journals, do a search online. The idea is to be creative, use your imagination and alleviate some of the everyday stress we all deal with. Try new things, play with what you already know. Don't be afraid to actually write in them too. Make it a mix of whatever makes you happy!

I hope this gives you some ideas and makes your January a little bit brighter.


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