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Just Beachy!

The month of June, time to go to the beach. The weather has warmed, the gentle breeze calls us. The joy of sitting on the beach and painting our memories. The sand between our toes and the waves washing up on a sun-drenched sandy shore. Summer paradise awaits.

Come with me for a walk on the sands...

Photo Credit - Sasin Tipchai - PIXABAY

Photo Credit - kordula vahle - PIXABAY

Photo Credit - David Mark - PIXABAY

Photo Credit - Bruce Emmerling - PIXABAY

Photo Credit - PublicDomainPictures - PIXABAY

Photo Credit - Milada Vigerova - PIXABAY

Photo Credit - Pexels - PIXABAY

Photo Credit - julia roman - PIXABAY

Please note, these photos are all from Pixabay. Individual photographers hold the copyrights. Please contact photographers for permission to paint.

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