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Leaving Fall...

As we begin the fall season it seems like we have already headed into Winter. How well we know that in the world of decorative painting we must always think ahead. We need time to finish our work on those projects we have chosen for the next holiday.

Anyone doing shows does this even earlier. Perhaps that is why I'm never upset to see holiday merchandise in a store way before the actual celebration. We all have our rathers...

some wish the Christmas season was longer while many would love to keep Halloween year-round.

For many, we do so in our own ways. We embrace those holidays that mean the most to us. I tend to paint mostly Halloween and Christmas. The color palettes for these two holidays sweep me into each of these festive seasons.

Some prefer the pastels of Easter and spring while others enjoy the bright colors of summer and Independence Day.

Many laments the passing of one season into another yet each brings its own special charms. As we head towards Thanksgiving we delight in the beauty of simple things like fallen leaves along a path of color ...

a haunted gate among the pumpkins...

or the quirky grin of a sarecrow.

Christmas holds even more joy with snowmen that met your heart...

Santas that sparkle...

and nativities that remind us of the reason for the season.

Whatever your favorite holiday, be sure to paint with joy and take the time to delight in the season that inspires you!

Photos Credits- Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash & Graphics Fairy. Scarecrow ©DMK-OCO2022.

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