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Let's Flamingle!

Photo Credit - Mohamed Hassan -PIXABAY

The lovely flamingo. Such a beautiful bird. In so many shades of pink.

Photo Credit - Manfred Richter - PIXABAY

A few fun facts...

There are only 6 species of flamingos.

Photo Credit - Alexas_Fotos - PIXABAY

Not all flamingos are pink. Some are white or gray. The differing shades of pink are a result of their diets.

Photo Credit - Winkelmann - PIXABAY

Flamingos can fly and some do migrate.

Photo Credit - Gerhard Gellinger - PIXABAY

They are monogamous and only lay one egg a year.

Photo Credit - Jamie Gough - PIXABAY

Depending on the species they can be as tall as five feet and weigh as much as 8 pounds or as short as three feet and weigh three to six pounds.

Photo Credit - Michael Seibt - PIXABAY

They are a fascinating bird and so fun to paint. The next three photos are some of the historical flamingo art I have found online.

Flamingo and Other Birds in a Landscape by Jakob Bogdani (1658–1724) Public Domain.

Entering the Palace Gardens by Rudolf Ernst (1854–1932) Public Domain.

Arbuckle Bros. Ariosa Coffee Advertisement c. 1893 Public Domain.

The next photo is a flamingo someone painted on what appears to be concrete. It's just fun!

Photo Credit - CC0 photos for free - PIXABAY


The Spruce

Wikimedia Commons

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