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Lobster Day, June 15, 2021

Today is Lobster Day. What better creature to inspire your paintbrush with his vivid red coloring. (Albeit, this is usually after cooking.) This curated collection is meant to give you some inspiration to draw or paint, the choice is yours. Learn more at LOBSTER

Large still life with lobster by Abraham van Beyeren, 1653. Public Domain.

Still life with Lobster and Radishes by Cagnaccio di San Pietro, 1938. Public Domain.

Lobster and Waterlilies by Anton Seder, 1890. Public Domain.

Lobster, Crab, and a Cucumber by William Henry Hunt, 1826-27. Public Domain.

Image Credit - OpenClipart-Vectors, Pixabay.

Image Credit - Graham Hobster, Pixabay.

Still Life with a Lobster by Nicolaes van Verendael, 1678. Public Domain.

Image Credit - Gordon Johnson, Pixabay.

The American Lobster by Herrick Francis Hobart,1895. Public Domain.

The Lovelorn Lobster, sheet music art, New York Public Library. Public Domain.

The Serenade by B. Wennerberg, 1914. Public Domain.

Photo Credit - OpenClipArt Vectors, Pixabay.

Image Credit - Prawny, Pixabay.

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