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Lovely Bunnies

By Marie-Lou Denis


Your natural nails or nude press on nails. You can get those at Sally’s beauty.


Decoart Americana acrylic paint:

- DA067 Lamp (Ebony) Black

- DA240 Cool White

- DA03 Buttermilk

- DA309 Banana Cream

- DA253 Pistachio Mint

- DA275 Sour Apple

- DA053 Mistletoe

- DA305 Whispering Turquoise

- DA272 Purple Cow

- DA271 Carousel Pink

- DA031 Baby Pink

- DA012 Tangerine

- DA196 Tangelo Orange


- Princeton Select Short Liner 18/0

- Princeton Select Flat shader #6

- Loew Cornell Angular brush ¼

Other materials

- Paper palette

- White polish (Sally Hansen ‘White On’)

- Base & Top coat

- Dotting tool

- Acetone


Start off by washing your hands thoroughly. Then either apply your press-on nails or your base coat nail polish. Let it dry fully and apply 2 coats of white polish.


1.1 Base: Paint your nails in a pastel rainbow. Either use nail polish or acrylic paint (Pistachio Mint, Whispering Turquoise, Purple Cow, Baby Pink, Banana Cream) using the flat shader.

1.2 Polka dots: Using a small dotting tool, paint dots with Cool White on all your fingers except for the thumb and ring finger.

2.1 Carrots: Using the short liner 18/0, paint triangles with rounded ends in Tangerine on your ring finger. Paint leaves with Sour Apple and the short liner 18/0.

2.2 Paint details on the carrots by making tiny lines with the short liner 18/0 and Tangelo Orange. Repeat this with Buttermilk. If you find the lines too harsh, you can go over them with some diluted Tangerine paint and the short liner 18/0.

Finally, shade the side of the carrots with diluted Tangelo Orange with the short liner 18/0.

2.3 Paint lines inside the leaves with Mistletoe and the short liner 18/0.

2.3 Repeat steps 2.1 & 2.2 on the thumb.

3.1 Bunny: Paint a half circle at the base of the middle nail using the flat shader and Cool White. Paint ears with the short liner 18/0 and Cool White.

3.2 Paint the inside of the ears with Baby Pink and the short liner 18/0. Paint the eyes with Lamp (ebony) Black and the short liner 18/0. (Paint 2 curved lines and add lashes). Using the dotting tool and Baby Pink, add the nose in the center of the face.

3.3 Using the short liner 18/0 and diluted Baby Pink, paint on rosy cheeks. Add a shadow inside the ears using diluted Carousel Pink and the short liner 18/0.

3.4 Repeat steps 3.1 & 3.3 on the index and pinky. Angle the bunnies in different directions on each finger. Also, paint their ears bent so they fit on the nail.


Apply a matte Top Coat to seal in your design. If you accidentally got some nail polish on your skin, use your Loew Cornell Angular brush ¼ dipped in acetone (or nail polish remover) and clean up your cuticles.

I hope you enjoyed painting this Easter nail art! You can share it with me on my


Facebook: or


©2021 Nailing Painting

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