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Lucky Day by Marie-Lou Denis

By Marie-Lou Denis


Your natural nails or nude press on nails. You can get those at Sally’s beauty.


Decoart Americana acrylic paint:

- DA067 Lamp (Ebony) Black

- DA240 Cool White

- DA148 Emperor’s Gold

- DA233 Wild Orchid

- DA305 Whispering Turquoise

- DA275 Sour Apple

- DA011 Lemon Yellow

- DA012 Tangerine

- DA129 True Red

- DA297 Sea Glass

- DA053 Mistletoe


- Princeton Select Short Liner 18/0

- Loew Cornell Angular brush ¼

Other materials

- Paper palette

- Dark green linear holographic nail polish (Holo Taco Green Taffy)

- Gold linear holographic nail polish (BeautyBigBamg 002)

- Light green crème polish (Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet)

- Gold glitter

- Base & Top coat

- Clear nail polish

- Dotting tool

- Acetone


Start off by washing your hands thoroughly. Then either apply your press-on nails or your base coat nail polish. Let it dry fully and apply 2 coats of dark green nail polish on your thumb and index. Apply the light green crème on your pinky. Apply gold nail polish on your middle and ring finger.


1.1 Clover: Mix equal parts of DA297 Sea Glass and DA053 Mistletoe. Use the short liner 18/0 to paint 4 hearts facing away from each other using your custom mix to create a clover. Repeat to cover the whole nail.

1.2 Add dots using Emperor’s Gold and your dotting tool.

2.1 Rainbow: Using the short liner 18/0, paint curved lines in rainbow order using Wild Orchid, Whispering Turquoise, Sour Apple, Lemon Yellow, Tangerine, and True Red. Use the dotting tool and cool white to paint the cloud.

2.2 Paint the gold pot with the short Liner 18/0 in Lamp (Ebony) Black. Repeat the previous step to paint the rainbow coming out of the gold pot. Add a line to create light with the short liner 18/0 and Cool White.

2.3 With your dotting tool, apply a little bit of clear polish to the top of the gold pot. Quickly pick up your gold glitters with your dotting tool. (You can dip your dotting tool in clear polish to help pick up the glitters). Repeat those steps until the pot is full of gold.

3.1 Plaid: Paint hexagons with the short liner 18/0 with the dark green polish. Repeat the same process with the custom mix of equal parts DA297 Sea Glass and DA053 Mistletoe.

3.2 Using the short liner 18/0 and Emperor’s Gold paint diagonal lines in both directions.

4 Thumb: Using the short liner 18/0 and Wild Orchid, Whispering Turquoise, Sour Apple, Lemon Yellow, Tangerine, and True Red paint half circles on top of each other in rainbow order. Begin with the Wild Orchid half circle.


Apply a glossy Top Coat to seal in your design. If you accidentally got some nail polish on your skin, use your Loew Cornell Angular brush ¼ dipped in acetone (or nail polish remover) and clean up your cuticles.

I hope you enjoyed painting this St Patrick‘s Day nail art!

You can share it with me on my social media pages.




©2021 Nailing Painting

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