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Memo Boards

By Linda Lineman of Lineman's Porcelain Memories

These are very easy & inexpensive projects. It’s a good project for a beginner or as a class project. I enjoy using painted items in my home and office.

Project Supplies

Usual painting supplies, Stylus, paper towels.

Deco Art Gloss Enamel Paints

Royal Transfer Gray Graphite RD201

100% Silicone – used to glue tiles into frames. It can also be used to glue Velcro onto the wood pieces.


6x6” ceramic or porcelain tile from any home improvement store

Wood frame to fit a 6x6” tile. I have bought some from Michaels craft store, and Viking Woodcrafts #20-11409.

The frame for the tile with the fantasy butterfly bush on it was bought at Big Lots on 50% sale after Valentine’s Day.


DAG01 White DAG227 Bright Yellow DAG129 True Red

DAG265 Tuscan Red DAG36 True Blue DAG230 Festive Green

MDAG34 Lavender DA539 Americana Multi-Surface Satin Black Tie

Folk Art 4019 Fresh Foliage Folk Art 4004 Butler Magenta


DAS13 Matte Americana Sealer/Finisher – OR -Deco Arts Triple Thick Gloss Glaze Spray

Brushes by Royal & Langnickel

#3 Majestic Round series R4250

#6 Royal Knight 7150

#1 Liner Mini Majestic 4200L

30/0, Monogram Mini Majestic series 4200M

10 Majestic R4150

Painting Instructions:

If you want to trace, transfer the pattern using gray transfer paper. I keep the painting small in order to have more writing space for the memos. I did mine at the top & on the side, but you could have the design wherever you want it. By using the Deco Art Gloss paints & the Folk-Art Enamel paint you don’t need to seal or coat the tiles with anything to protect the paint. They are made to be used on ceramic, porcelain & glasses.

Strawberry Board

Start with the berries using True Red. Use Tuscan Red to show depth & shadows. Now place seeds on the berries with black tie & add a “dash” of white on the black seeds. Don’t put them all on the same side. Some are on the right side of the seed, the left side & some are in the middle. This is to show light hitting on them.

Now add the green tops of berries & the leaves using Festive Green, Fresh Foliage & Bright

Yellow. I use 2 to 3 colors on the leaves. You want a light, med & darker values on them. Now add your blossoms with white & shade them with a mixture of True Blue & white to the shade you like. Where the white is on the white tile only, I outline it so you can see it better. Bright Yellow create the centers. Put a little green on the bottom side of the centers to create a base.

Fantasy Butterfly & Bush Board

Use Fresh Foliage to paint a stem & then shadow with Festive Green. Now using Lavender paint little 5 petal main blossoms off the stem in cone shapes. Fill in the cone shape with 3 & 4 petal blossoms. When you are pleased with the shape, add a dot of Butler Magenta for the center of each blossom.

Now for the butterfly – I start by painting the black lines, body & antenna. Follow the picture and paint the butterfly with the following colors: True Red, True Blue & Bright Yellow. You can change it, to make it any color you want, it’s your fantasy butterfly!

Wood Frames

If the wood frames are natural wood, you can paint them, stain them or do whatever you choose to finish your frame. I stain them using the Americana paints with whatever color I want that goes with the colors I have used in the painting.

I used a thin watery coat of Americana paint & wiped it off quickly. It gives it more of a whitewashed look, not a deep solid color so that some of the lines in the wood show through. When I’m happy with the frame, I spray both sides. I always do the backs of my projects.

The frame for the fantasy Butterfly Bush tile was purchased at Big Lots and was already finished wood. Since it was a little bigger space for the tile, I painted the inside edge and about 1 inch deep all around the border, so that when the tile was glued in it showed the purple color.

Not knowing how they are to be used, hanging up on the wall or sitting on a desk, I added a sawtooth hanger on the back of them. I then had my brother cut 5” pieces of a 2”x2” board corner to corner (creates a triangle). Then I stained it the same way I did the frame. Next glue two Velcro tabs on it. That way you can use it on a desk or remove the wood brace to hang it on the wall. Best of both worlds.

I found the marker holders at Wal-Mart for these boards. You can also find them on the internet.

Depending on the finished look you would like best - here are two choices. I finished mine with a light spray of Deco Arts Triple Thick Gloss Glaze Spray to give it a shiny finish or you can use DAS13 Matte Americana Sealer/Finisher.

Now go have FUN painting these memo boards!

Editor's Tip...You can also use your own rubber stamps for your line drawing across the top of the tiles, then fill with paint!

Below is a photo of some of Linda's porcelain painted tiles.

Photos and pattern ©2020 Linda Lineman, Lineman's Porcelain Memories

CLICK HERE FOR Original Word File


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