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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

A design by Isabella Desroches

Editor's Note - This fun project is done on top of the acetate shapes, effectively painting on the shiny surface.

Painting palette

Pébéo Vitrail Transparent color for glass, metal (solvent-based)

23 Lemon

12 Crimson

14 Yellow

34 Apple Green

10 Deep Blue

38 Gold

Pébéo Fantasy Moon

20 Pearl

Pébéo Fantasy Prisme

51 Onyx

Pébéo Relief outliner



3 Blank cards and envelopes 4” x 6”

3 Acetate 3 1/2” x 5 ½” (use regular acetates that you will cut at the right size)


Old liner to apply the Faux stained-glass paint

Paper towels

Taltine (Thinner or solvent)

Sticky corners for photos


Cut the acetates to the right size using scissors. Check if each of them fits well on the cards and designs.

Prepare the relief outliner tube

The nozzle is already precut so you don’t need to cut it. This will allow you to get thin contours.

Practice on a piece of paper or acetate previously to get confident with the technique if it’s your first time using it. Make sure you have a paper towel on which you can clean the nozzle regularly. This will help to get lines that are fine and clean.

When ready to start, place each design (line drawing) under acetate, and using the Silver relief outliner follow each line and details. Make sure not to press hard on the tube to avoid too much contour to come out and blob and to join each line together to avoid spaces in between the joints. This is very important because it will keep the transparent paint inside each section and avoid it dripping into another section.

Note: it is always possible to correct the outline if you are not satisfied with the result. Just take a clean brush and wipe it gently before it dries. It takes approximately ten minutes to dry completely.

Instructions for faux stained-Glass paint

Use taltine (thinner/solvent) to clean your brush when needed.

Don't throw out taltine (thinner/solvent) in the sink when your project is finished, just let it sit for one day and you will be able to use it again for another project. This helps to save the environment.

Make sure to fill up each section with enough paint to get the effect of Glass when it will be completely dry. Make some tests before to avoid bad surprises. The tricky part is to put enough paint but not too much, otherwise, it would overflow and cause a few technical problems.

If it happens, just take your liner brush and scoop the excess paint out.

The best way to apply the paint is drop by drop. Pick up some paint with the liner brush and drop it on the section you want to fill up. Repeat until there is enough paint in that section.

Use the liner brush to apply the paint for each section of the design.

Candy Cane

Apply Moon Pearl for each section identified with B on the design.

Apply Crimson for each section identified with R on the design.

Apply Crimson on the small berries and Apple Green on the mistletoe leaves. Make sure to clean the brush completely with taltine before changing color.

Christmas tree

Apply Moon Pearl at the bottom of the horizon to create the snow part.

Apply Apple Green for the Christmas tree leaves. Make sure to put enough paint to fill up completely the surface of that section.

Apply Crimson, Deep blue, and Yellow for the Christmas balls referring to the picture.

Apply Yellow on the star section.

Christmas Candle

Apply Prisme Onyx on the bow and ribbons sections.

Apply Lemon on the flame section and before it dries apply some Crimson to get the fire effect. Work both colors together for a smoother effect of the contrast.

Note: don't let the paint dry in between each of the following steps.

Apply Lemon on the upper section of the candle and then add some Yellow and a little bit of Crimson for the shading effect. You can also add some Gold and work with the brush with swirl movements.

Repeat these steps for the lower part.

Apply Apple Green on the two sections of the ribbons.

Apply Crimson on the poinsettia’s petals and add some Gold on the smaller petals before it dries.

Sign all your cards with the pen of your choice.

Let the acetates dry for at least one day to make sure everything is cured completely.

Assemble them on the paper cards using the photo corner stickers.

Have fun!


Création Isa

If you have any questions about that project, you can send them to my email address or find me on my Facebook page, Création Isa.

Project & Photos ©2021 Isabelle Desroches

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