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Mini Canvas ... a lot of fun... in a tiny surface!

Mini canvas ... what, you may wonder, are those? The mini canvas has become very popular in recent years. Available as flat canvas boards or mini stretched canvas, their fun size makes them a great surface, for detailed miniatures or fun, quick painting styles. Coupled with one of the mini easels to match, they create tiny pieces of art that showcase themselves.

They come in a wide variety of little sizes and even in black and white.

Our guest designer this issue, Phyllis Spaw, uses one to create a darling Halloween scene.

She found hers at WalMart®. I have found them at most arts & crafts stores including Michaels® and Hobby Lobby®, even Joann® Fabrics. Check online suppliers, such as Jerry's Artarama®, too.

These make great abandoned art pieces. They are perfect for ornaments. Add some jewelry or scrap booking adornments and you have the perfect little mixed media piece.

Put multiple pieces together to form a set or pattern. I have often used 3 of the 6"x6" in a larger frame, all painted with a theme or like characters.

An inexpensive surface, often primed, they are fun to paint.

I love to adapt patterns to fit different sizes. Try adjusting your pattern to paint on a mini canvas, see how much fun it can be!

All photos Credit © DigiArt by Di

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