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'National Craft Month' is coming...

March is the designated month to celebrate crafts. Created in 1994 by the Craft & Hobby Association, National Craft Month inspires one to make decorative items by hand.

The observation helps to remind us that crafting can be not only fun but beneficial. Crafting can be a great stress reliever.

The Oxford Languages Dictionary defines crafts as "an activity involving skill in making things by hand."

Crafts come in many varieties. From baking and food art to the crafting of beer, from crochet to painting...there is something for everyone.

While the popularity of crafting is in an upswing due to Covid, the crafts that many do are techniques that have been around for generations.

Crafts exist in many forms and while I would recommend you try whatever you like there are some that are geared to different interests.

Scrapbooking and altered art are other innovative ways to create. Mixed media projects give a chance to use multiple techniques.

Crafting also brings us together, many crafts can be enjoyed with the camaraderie of others. The old-fashioned quilting bee is a perfect example.

It also offers ways to help others. Gifting our craft projects has never been more popular, especially with abandoned art and random acts of kindness.

While it is impossible to list all of the ways to craft here, there are many other sources including online sites, your local library, local arts & crafts stores, and perhaps the most fun, your crafty friends.

How will you celebrate National Craft Month?

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Image Credits - Top to Bottom

Cover - Yehor Milohrodskyi, Unsplash

Butterfly Painting - Elena Mozhvilo, Unsplash

Potting Wheel - Lubos Houska, Pixabay

Embroidery - Anita Smith, Pixabay

Food - Brooke Lark, Unsplash

Crochet - Paula Heckathorn, Unsplash

Metalworking - Sabine Schulte, Pixabay

Scrapbooking - Olya, Unsplash

Quilting - Dinh Pham, Unsplash

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