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National Hot Tea Month

Did you know that January is National Hot Tea Month? Depending on your source, it is the #1 favorite beverage (Google) or the 2nd most consumed beverage (

Tea is also a favorite subject among painters, from still-life to painted teapots, it shows up in many creative forms. I have even painted a few tea-related items in my time. I have also heard of those who mistakenly dipped their brushes into their ice tea while painting...not that I ever did that...I dipped into my soft drink! LOL!

There have even been some conventions that used a tea theme in the past. I remember the HOOT convention had this theme a few years back.

There is something comforting about drawing and painting teacups. There is even something magical in riding in one but that's another story. =0)

Then there are always buildings to paint... I have no idea where this is but how cool?!

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