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National Pig Day!

Today is the day to celebrate this wonderfully intelligent animal. While they may take a bad rap as a 'dirty' animal they are actually quite clean. From cartoons to movies, they have found their way into our entertainment. They have appeared in art for centuries, from piggy banks to canvas, and continue to do so today. Here's a look at pigs in art...(and a photo or two too!)

Photo Credit - Public Domain Pictures

Photo Credit -Clicker Free Vector Images

Photo Credit - McGill Library - Public Domain

Study of Six Pigs - Anders Askevold, 1900 - Public Domain

Photo Credit - Veda Clark

Pigs in Moonlight - Gerhard Munthe, 1880 - Public Domain

Pigs - George Morland, 1763 - Public Domain

Photo Credit - DigiPD

Photo Credit - Thyla Jane

Studies of Pigs - Maria Klass Kazanowska, mid-1800s - Public Domain

The Square Book of Animals - William Nicholson, 1872 - Public Domain

1911 Postcard - Public Domain

Photo Credit - Cartoon Image- Porky Pig's Feat (1943) - Public Domain

'That's All Folks!'

Photos used were found at, &

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