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Painting Christmas in July!

Christmas in July celebrations have been around for a while...different origins are attributed to it but it soon became a big advertising gimmick worldwide. Often used to promote the beginning of the holiday shopping season, or at least a way to encourage sales during a typically slower spending time, it has endured.

For some decorative painters, it has been an incentive to get all that holiday painting started. How good do we feel, knowing we have gotten a start on our seasonal creations. It's an even better feeling to have them all done early.

Designers tend to paint well ahead of the holidays. Deadlines for magazines, etc. have created that need. These makers of patterns do what they can to keep new designs coming for their ever-important clientele.

What can be more refreshing on a hot day than sitting and painting snowmen and Christmas trees, Santas and poinsettias? A glass of iced tea and perhaps a few Christmas cookies at your side? Just be sure not to dip your brush in your tea!

Enjoy July and the fun of Christmas, paint till your heart's consent.

Happy Christmas in July!

All photos Credit - & Pixabay.Com, respective owners.

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