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Painting History...

A look at the intricate historical art of Linda Lineman.

by Diane Marie Kellogg

Porcelain Painting by Linda Lineman, 'Water Powered Elevator' circa 1922.

Porcelain Painting by Linda Lineman, "Pipeline Alley', circa 2022.

Linda began her journey into the world of decorative painting, painting

ceramics in 1971. She searched for a more free style of painting.

She tried oil painting, but let's say that didn't go well. Then she found acrylic painting and took classes in decorative painting. While she enjoyed that it wasn't quite what she was looking for. While visiting a museum she was entranced by the delicateness of porcelain art, many pieces that inspired her were from as far back as the Ming dynasty. Searching in the local library looking for instruction, they only had one very old book but the librarian guided her to the woman who would become her mentor in her journey into porcelain painting, Yvonne Klapec. After a six-week course, which led to a 34-year friendship and commanderies in painting, Linda blossomed into one of the best porcelain painters this writer has ever seen. Painting porcelain now for 42 years she strives to continue learning new aspects and techniques in porcelain. She attends seminars and classes whenever possible.

Linda Lineman

Having her studio in the National Transit Building, a historical building commissioned by John D. Rockefeller for Standard Oil Company, the first of its kind to be used strictly for the transportation of oil, led to her wanting to paint this very interesting building. She knew of an artist in New York and she arranged to travel there and learn about painting architecture.

Learn more here.

Actual Photo - The elevator from the National Transit Building.

The elevator in the first painting is one of only two in the world, it's twin is in the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. It is still operational to this day. The one in the Transit Building is open-shafted and not legal in the US so operation is not allowed. However, Linda travels daily past this gorgeous piece of history. The elevator is painted on an 8" x 16" porcelain tile after she had completed Pipeline Alley, her first piece in class.

Actual photo - Pipeline Alley.

The first piece, Pipeline Alley, which portrays the exterior and connects the transit to the annex is located above a walkway which is referred to as Pipeline Alley. The two buildings are bridged on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors. This piece was painted on a 10" x 13" porcelain tile while in class. Done in stages and fired between each stage, it is a fascinating way to create art.

Step photos show the creative process...starting with the photograph used to the finished painting.

Knowing she wanted to keep the original paintings she decided to have prints made as she has had many requests to purchase the original art. Matted and ready for framing. Limited in number it is a great way to own a piece of history.

Limited Edition Prints

Award-winning Art

Her next historical piece, an adventure in acrylics, will appear in the February issue of Painting World Magazine. Take the 'time' to check it out!

Linda can be contacted at

Her website is


All photo credits and design ©2022 Linda Lineman, LPM China & Linda's Painting Memories.

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