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Painting on Fabric

by Diane M Kellogg

Be it a shirt or maybe a tote, a jacket or a suitcase painting on fabric is an art in and of itself.

I remember as a teenager in the late '70s, my first foray into fabric painting was using those tube paints and a solid embroidery hoop. I painstakingly copied my favorite album cover onto a t-shirt. How I wish I still had that handpainted shirt.

Link to photo referencing the artwork I used for the shirt.

Now we have the world at our feet when it comes to painting on fabric. That very same company still exists that I used all those years ago while they have now been joined by many other companies. Fabric painting has become quite popular. From the introduction of things such as puffy paints in tubes to wonderful lines of specially formulated fabric paints, we no longer have to be limited in our choices. There are even mediums to make our acrylic paint into fabric paint. Even markers are made to decorate our clothing, completely washable and

fade resistant.

Photo ©Linda Park - Designed by Janice Miller and painted by Linda Park.

We must remember that fabric painting isn't just limited to wearable items either. Pillows, tote bags, even suitcases are a canvas waiting for our attention. Roclon®, a curtain lining fabric is an awesome surface for banners and such. Burlap makes charming candle wraps as does needlework fabric. (Just don't burn unattended.) Below I've posted some photos to show a few of the innovative painting projects that are out there.

Photo ©Linda Lineman- Designed and painted by Linda Lineman, LPMChina.Com

Photo ©Linda Park - Designed and painted by Linda Park.

Photo ©Linda Park - Design by Holly Hanley, painted by Linda Park.

Photo ©Linda Park, designed and painted by Linda Park.

Mad Hatter Photo ©Linda Park, designed and painted by Linda Park.

Flamingo Photo ©Linda Park, designed by Linda O'Connell, painted by Linda Park.

Something as simple as a coloring book drawing can become wearable art. Search the internet for ideas for painting on fabric. It is amazing what you can find. Many decorative painting designers offer patterns for fabric painting. Many of their regular designs can be painted on fabric, even if it is originally on a totally different surface.

Photo ©Thorston Frenzel Pixabay

I want to thank both Linda Park and Linda Lineman for providing me with photos of their work. It is wonderful to have such talented friends!

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