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Painting on tinware...

I'm sure you have heard of painting on tinware. Quite often it isn't even tin, it's aluminum or enamel ware. You can also paint on actual tins, like those that cookies or candies come in.

Coffee pots, tea pots, even small metal cups are fun to paint.

The techniques for painting on these items can vary. I usually clean well with alcohol then spray with a flat black paint. I then paint with regular acrylics, then seal well with a matte spray. (An important note for sales at arts & crafts shows, tell your customers not to immerse in water or use with heat.)

However, there are many more ways to accomplish prepping and painting. There are great metal adhesion mediums and paints, available from paint companies like DecoArt and Plaid.

Do a search online for 'painting on tin'. There is a wealth of free tutorials and articles with an amazing range of techniques.

Check your favorite designers for patterns. Quite a few are available with a wide variety of designs. Another option is adapting a pattern to a pot or tin. So many work beautifully for this.

The pots in the photos are all from yard sales and flea markets but you can also find them available from many online vendors, such as Della & Co. or Painted Paradise.

If you haven't tried painting on these unique surfaces, you should give it a go.

Be sure to check out the adorable 'Pumpkin Jack' pattern, from artist Mary Lynn Parsons, coming in the October 11th issue of the PWM Blog!

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