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Painting World Magazine Editorial Calendar 2021

The 2021 Editorial Calendar for the Painting World Magazine is now available for our designers, current and new. This time we have given you suggestions for surfaces, color, patterns, and more.

A note from Kole, the editor of the magazine ...'So here it is! The 2021 Editorial Calendar. Hopefully, everything is correct. What you need to be concerned with when looking at this is the deadline date. We have to have your project no later than that date. Anything in a particular month that is sent in past the submission date will not be considered for that time frame. Note if you submit something early, "the earlier the better," please get that project to us within a two to four weeks time frame, if possible, instead of waiting until the deadline date. We love to have it in early. This is not posted to the PWM website yet. Again, we took into consideration all the feedback and suggestions given to make this 2021 editorial calendar.'

Now is the time, submit your creative ideas for publishing consideration.


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