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Pumpkin Jack

by Mary Lynn Parson

Sometimes you find a piece of tinware that just tells you what it wants to become. Teapots are perfect for a jack-o-lantern. You will be surprised how quickly and easily he comes to life.

Decorative painting always appealed to me. I began taking classes in 1981, but it took me a very long time to deviate from class projects. It wasn’t until I started doing craft shows and painting on my own that some of my own designs began to take shape. Encouragement from fellow artists motivated me to become my own person. Learning the basics is very important; take time to do that, but then, have fun, and develop your own style.


Teapot or any rounded surface, I’ve used bun warmers, galvanized buckets, etc.


DecoArt Americana Acrylics

Avocado DA052

Burnt Orange DA016

Canyon Orange DA238

Lamp Black DA067

Light Buttermilk DA164

Orange Flame DA315

Pumpkin DA013

Taffy Cream DA05

White Wash DA02

Americana Matte Sealer Spray DAS13


Loew Cornell

LC Series 7300 Size # 12 flat

LC Series 7000 #8 round

LC Series 7350 Liner 10/0

Stencil Series 222 - ¾” or Stencil Bulb Handle 1026297


Double ended Stylus DES


Black flat spray paint

Painters Tape


Burlap Ribbon

White transfer paper C102-1

Rusty jingle bell

Pip Berry sprig

Old toothbrush


Preparation: Thoroughly clean teapot and allow to dry completely.

Spray teapot with black flat paint.

Tips: Several light coats are better than one heavy coat. If you wish to leave the handle as is, mask it off with painter’s tape before spraying.

Paint lid avocado using # 12 flat.

Divide pot into 6 equal sections, lightly mark with chalk pencil.

Using stencil brush and Burnt Orange, pounce inside of each section, leaving approximately ½ inch of black showing on each side.

(Go lightly at first, you can fill in with more color as you go.) Paint spout as well.

Without cleaning brush, repeat Step 3 using Canyon Orange,

and then Pumpkin leaving approximately ½ inch inside the previous color, blending colors as you go.

Dry brush a bit of Orange Twist down the center of each section, using the same stencil brush.

Trace eyes and mouth onto tracing paper. Cut X where indicated on paper pattern. The pattern should fit over the spout through the cut slits. Use transfer paper and apply pattern to project with stylus. Tip: It is very easy to draw wonky triangles and a mouth directly onto your piece with a chalk pencil, eliminating the need for the transfer paper, tracing paper and stylus.

Using #6 round brush, paint eyes and mouth Lamp Black.

Use liner brush to create swirls. Drybrush with Taffy Cream.

Dot highlight onto eyes with end of stylus and White Wash.

Paint curlicues coming down from lid with liner and thinned Avocado.

Erase all chalk lines and lines left from tracing paper.

Use old toothbrush and slightly thinned Lamp Black to splatter entire pot.

Dry thoroughly, seal with DecoArt Matte Spray Sealer.


Tie some raffia, or burlap ribbon to the handle. Add large rusty jingle bell, and a sprig of pip berries to complete your Pumpkin Jack! Proudly display your work!

You can see more of Mary Lynn's particular brand of magic in her Etsy shop.

School Street Primitives Etsy Shop

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