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Pumpkins 4 Sale

Updated: Sep 15, 2020


Fall is one of my favorite seasons to paint and gnomes are so popular right now that the idea to combine the two was an easy one. Pencil it as a small project to frame or on a greeting card to send to a special person.

I began taking Tole painting lessons over 40 years ago as “mommy time”. Over the years I took as many classes as I could and finally felt confident enough to start teaching and designing. I have taught at several conventions and have been published. I paint mostly in acrylics but my latest love is colored pencils and my students keep clamoring for more designs. Try this easy project and fall in love with them yourself. More patterns available at


White Stonehenge Drawing Paper-8 x 10

or Premade blank greeting cards with envelopes.


Dark graphite


Tracing paper


Handheld or battery sharpener

Gum eraser

Krylon Workable Fixative Spray


938 White

1031 Henna

939 Peach

914 Cream

1097 Moss Green

911 Olive Green

1032 Pumpkin Orange

1033 Mineral Orange

996 Black Grape

1008 Parma Violet

1084 Ginger Root

943 Burnt Orange

1063 Cool Grey 50%

1065 Cool Grey 70%

1002 Yellowed Orange

946 Dark Brown

918 Orange Colorless Blender


1. Trace line drawing on tracing paper.

2. Using dark graphite lightly trace on the basic design leaving off details of grasses, vines and lettering. Lightly erase with gum eraser until you just barely see the lines.


1. With small circular motion highlight the top edge of the nose with White and shade the bottom edge with Henna.

2. Go over the whole nose (over HL and Shade) with Peach to blend.

3. Re-strengthen highlight if needed.


1. With Cream highlight the 3 center areas of the hat sections and the center areas of the mittens.

2. Shade between the highlighted sections on the hat and around the outside edge of the hat with Olive Green.

3. Go over the entire hat (over HL and shade) with Moss Green to blend.

4. Re-strengthen the Cream highlights again.

5. Tassel is stroked with Olive Green.


1. Highlight in the middle of each pumpkin section with Cream.

2. Shade the outside edges, bottom, behind the small pumpkin, around the gloves, and on either side of the section lines with Pumpkin Orange. Remember to fade this into the body of the pumpkin.

3. Go over the entire pumpkin (over HL and shade) with Mineral Orange.


1. Shade all around the inside edges with Black Grape.

2. Go over the entire glove (over HL and shade) with Violet to blend.


1. Fill in with Ginger Root.

2. Shade at the bottom, tops, and sides with Burnt Ochre. Add streaks of this color throughout. Strengthen the shading where the stem comes out of the pumpkin.


1. Lightly fill in the entire area with Cool Grey 50%.

2. Shade under the nose and above pumpkin and gloves with Cool Grey 70%.

3. Draw in some sharp lines of hair with Cool Grey 70%.

4. Using a sharp White pencil, streak some hairlines in between the grey ones.


1. Highlight in the middle of each section with Peach. Shade around the inside edges, bottom, and on both sides of section lines with Mineral Orange.

2. Go over all (over HL and shade) with Yellowed Orange.

3. Go over all again with a good light coat of Orange.


1. Highlight the central inside area of the sign with Cream.

2. Basecoat the post with Burnt Ochre and also go over the main sign area with Burnt Ochre (over HL).

3. Use Dark Brown to shade the post above and below the sign, above pumpkin, at top of the post, and shade outside edges. Also, shade the outside edges of the sign.

4. Use Dark Brown and streak some texture lines into the post and outside edges of the sign.

5. Do the lettering with a sharp Dark Brown pencil.


1. Using the side of the Dark Brown pencil, lay in some ground

under the pumpkins. Keep it darker right under pumpkins.

2. Blend the pumpkin, gnome hat and gloves, ground, and the signpost with the Colorless Blender.

3. Grasses are streaks of Moss and Olive greens.

4. Tint the pumpkin stems with some Olive green and the pumpkin vines are Dark Brown.

5. Spray a few light coats of Krylon Workable Fixative to seal. Mat, frame and enjoy or mail your penciled card after sealing with the fixative spray.

Original Word File with Photos

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