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PWM Blog Daily Post - March 23, 2021

Tuesday Trivia!

A look at art connections to everyday items.

Let's go fly a kite! An ever-popular adventure that harkens back to our childhood, flying a kite can take you back to childhood. Kites have been around for quite a while and have been the subject of many art pieces. There is even a popular children's movie with a fun song about a kite. Do you know who invented the kite?

There is some debate as to the origins of the kite. Some believe the creation of the earliest kite was the 5th-century Chinese philosophers, Mozi and Lu Ban. Others suggest they originated in the South Pacific. There is also evidence, although not well documented, that kites first appeared independently in other areas. Learn more at

Many years later, the artist Leonardo Da Vinci took the kite to new heights with his design, the Great Kite. He studied birds and sought to create flying machines. Learn more at

Today, kite flying still exists. Kite designs have reached new levels. An art form, no doubt.

Things to do...

1.Check out this colorful kite-filled link...

2.Do a search online to find kites you can paint.

3. Go fly a kite!

Quote of the Day

' Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.'

Lauren Bacall

KIte photos credit - Unsplash

Drawing - Leonardo Da Vinci

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