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Resizing Patterns - A Reprint. pattern doesn't fit my surface!!!

How often have you run into this problem? The pattern is exactly what you want to paint but your surface isn't the right size. I'm going to try to help with that. Below I give a few examples to change the size of your patterns.

First the basic formulas for reducing or enlarging a pattern. I found these online and they do work, provided your printer will cooperate.

How to reduce a pattern... The pattern is 20” in length and you need to make it 10” in length. Take 10, divide by 20 which equals 0.5, and multiply by 100 for a total of 50. Set your copy/scanner to reduce 50%.

How to enlarge a pattern... The pattern is 10” in length and you need to make it 20” in length. Take 20, divide it by 10 which equals 2, multiply that by 100 for a total of 200. Set the scanner or copier to enlarge by 200%.

The above examples are meant to show how to enlarge. Just put your measurements in place of the ones shown above.

Another way to change size is within a program or app. For example, I recently needed to enlarge an ironing board pattern from one of my packets. I have a free program on my computer called Open Office®. I needed to take the design from about 15” to 51”. Using the program, I was able to go into the format and change the size of the page I was working on. I then inserted a picture of the line drawing and stretched it to fit the page I made. It ended up printing on regular size paper, ten sheets which you then put together puzzle style. Different programs work differently. Word® from Microsoft® used to allow you to create banners and these worked great for enlarging. When you are working with your programs be sure to search online for answers for different formats, etc.

Another thing I should mention...printers and scanners are so different from one to the next. Be sure to read all of the instructions and if you run into problems, search online for the answers.

One last way to enlarge or reduce is to go to your local copy/print shop. Most artists will give you a permission slip to do what you need to paint their patterns. Be sure to check with the artist/designer before you go to the shop, in order to have the right permissions.

Not to be forgotten is the age-old technique of drawing your design into grids by hand. There are numerous videos online that demonstrate this, just do a search for 'copy and enlarge with grid'

I hope this helps, it can be an adventure!


Photo Credits - Pixabay - Pexels - Unsplash - ClipArt Library

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